Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield is fabulous

<-This is the lovely drunk guy who was sippin his jesus juice at the pool 2 days ago. B and I went to the pool for some sun and relaxation and this was the ohsosexy site we saw. I wish you could see his drunk fish lips open, practically drooling. He was like this for a few hours. He eventually woke up and leered at us in our bathing suits. Also, I would like to point out his awesome tattoo of a wizard in flames holding a skull. That's some hotness right there. On the other hand, there was a cute funny little kid walking by us a few times and we were cracking up at his cute little scuba flippers. I also wish you could see his john lennon blue glassed and awesome chains. He was adorable.

How did I miss this last year? Remember Lizzie Mcguire and her bff Miranada, aka LaLaine. Well look at this little bad girl: "Lalaine was arrested in July 2007 and charged with felony possession of methamphetamine. She has pled guilty to the crystal meth charge, but her record will be expunged when she completes a drug-treatment program." Crazy!! Would H Duff approve? I don't think so.

Today I dropped B at the airport :( We had our Bakers Square blt's which they now put on awesome texas toast. I already miss you B!!!!!

Tal is gone for the next week or so working so I miss him too. He figured out picture text messaging so we are having a lot of fun with that. Seriously, in the words of Winnie from USA High, "that boy is H-O-T-T, HOT!". I love that B gets every single mention of any obscure pop culture reference and comments back with something equally random and awesome.

I accepted a nanny job but still need something else so I will be looking for a part time job at a bar or a server or something. Anyone in Chicago have suggestions???

I also in a rush to find a new apartment. My landlord is driving me crazy. We are friends and she is like a second mom in a way but she calls me for ridiculous things and is super cheap. I think the rule is to not rent from friends. So Tal and I are looking for a new place which he says I am the boss about but I obviously want him to be happy with. I found one on craigslist but they didn't list a number so I emailed them. It's a fabulous price in exactly the area I want and has a patio and yard for Bella. Wish me luck people!

things I am loving this week
-tyra banks show
-kfc snackers
-cute/dirty text messages
-all i wanna do
-australian gold instant bronzer


Maxie said...

I can't believe that about the Lizzie McGuire girl!

and I totally agree with you about popsicles-- they are very necessary in the summer.

Chicago Girl said...

yeah except i keep buying the sugar free ones which do not taste as good but are like 0 calories lol

So@24 said...

Please send me a dirty text immediately.


Bayjb said...

Ew there is always one creepy guy at the pool but at least his wizard tattoo makes him "less" of a pedophile. Oh Rocks Lakeview just opened in my hood, they're likely still hiring if you're interested. I hate apartment hunting/moving. good luck!

Chicago Girl said...

can you handle my kind of dirty text?
please advise.

jess-ohhh thanks, i'll try to check it out!