Monday, March 23, 2009

i do NOT have a problem.
not with target or with rpattz.

i am going to babysit in 30 mins.
i have worked everyday for like 2 weeks.
i cant wait for the new hills season.
i cant wait for 17 again. shut up!
you love zac efron too.

there's probably a lot more going on but no time.
andy-im' glad you're feeling better and good luck with school acceptances!!!



Kylie said...

Ya'll are gonna MAKE me read the books so I can watch the movie!! ;)

Maxie said...

i'm pretty ashamed to admit it, but i'm SO excited for 17 again too!

Andy said...

Being a Twilight/Target addict is normal. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Katelin said...

mmmmm i love twilight and target too, you can't really go wrong with that one. and 17 again actually looks pretty funny, i sort of want to see it too :)