Monday, June 29, 2009

told you i'm not bulletproof, now you know

i called my dad yesterday and was like "happy gay day, yay for you being gay" and he laughed and i asked if he went to the parade and he went for a little bit. i myself am a snob and don't like the parade very much. perhaps it's because i've been going since i was 7 and it was so much more fun back in the day. less crowded, more nudity and sassiness, more gays then straights, and just, a funner feel. its still fun now but more conservative and just...i dont know. but yay for gay. i also think that it's still a great thing and important to do and am glad for all my friends/family that went.

so. i have decided to move in with my mom for 2 months. my apartment will be ready september 1 and i will move back to chicago then. saving myself 2 months rent is a good thing. it will give me some time with my family and cooked meals and a big house and some good living. the apartment i will be moving into is actually owned by my dad so i will be getting some reduced rent which is nice. its a big apartment and there is a dogwalker in the building. i actually was going to live in this same apartment about...4 years ago? 5 years ago? and i was moved in and i dont think i even stayed a night i was so not ready to live alone. well now im ready and excited. i like the decorative fireplace and built in shelves. also, i have a real dining room and not a living dining combo so thats pretty cool! the bathroom is retroish and i'm a fan. might have to rethink my currently white/pink theme. i also am diggin the cute little shelf by the front door. oh and the bedroom is a great size and good closet space.
so last night was really fun with tj. we watched some tv and then had some fun. so i put on the cute schoolgirl outfit, complete with pigtails and kneesocks which he loved. he was really into the roleplay which is fun and made everything really hot. some handcuffs and a spanking paddle later, it was a fun night. round 2 happened a little bit later and in the morning was round 3. he made me breakfast (he is a chef so even eggs are extra amazing, add some steak in, wow!) and then i went home to bella and he ran errands. we met up to have a dinner at olive garden because who can resist soup, salad, and breadsticks?

i love talking on the phone with bianca because we get SO mad at drivers and randomly we start swearing and yelling at the drivers. i am so excited for her wedding, i picture it on the same cuteness factor as kendra and hank. cuter even!! and if she ever is stressed about taking the bar, she should know how smart and special and talented she is and how she will excel like she does everything because she puts 100% in. also because she has the cutest fashion ever and best shoes.

i have finished all the sookie stackhouse books and SWOON for sookie and eric. seriously please look at this guy? alex skarsgÄrd is yum yum yum. but seriously in the books you jsut so are rooting for sookie and eric and it's kinda like eff bill. i really really hope true blood takes it the way the books go. there's something about this big bad ruthless guy that is intelligent and practical and who is baffled by how he feels about sookie. and who has her best interests at heart, not that he minds if they coincide with his desires lol. this is one of the best series i've read in a long time. cause i LOVED the twilight series but it's all about edward and not stephanie meyes trashriffic writing. does she really believe people want to read anything that doesn't have edward in it? because you know people just want her to write midnight sun and then a 5th book that redeems the not so good rushjob that was breaking dawn. charlaine harris is a good writer and keeps things interesting. and she doesn't make me cringe. also sometimes bianca and i randomly say sookie like bill does on true blood and it makes us giggle. try it.

taylor swifts fearless is definitely my on repeat album. i can never get enough of it.

rip billy mays.

my hair is growing longer and longer and i am loving it.

i defy you not to smile when you see this pic.


Mandy said...

Your new apartment looks fabulous! Love the built in shelves. I know we've discussed this before, but I havent had time until recently to make some changes on my blog. Do you still want to make some changes to yours? Let me know!

Carissa said...

the apartment looks so cute!! love the archways and the built-ins by the fireplace! lucky girl :)

oh, and I think I have told you before that I love True Blood but I haven't actually read the books so I didn't know about the whole Sookie/Eric thing... interesting... guess I'll have to see if that plays out in the show. oh, and me and my boyfriend definitely get a laugh out of saying "Sookie" like Bill does. glad I am not the only one who does that!

and yes, that picture made me smile. and I needed it, so thank you.

bianca said...

awww, thanks love!!! I constantly need these bolts of confidence!

I'm so excited for your new apartment. It's going to be absolutely fabulous. I see an ikea trip in our future

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Oh wow, your apartment is gorgeous, love the color of the floors :) Oh and it reminds me that I should harrass Lolita so she'll send me the pictures of her apartment to post them.

The faux fireplace will be awesome I'm sure .. You could put a bunch of pillar candles, of different heights and sizes .. and it would be terrific !

Good luck Bianca, and don't worry so much, I've been there before and it turns out okay :)

BakerGirl said...

The apartment looks amazing!

I left you a blog award on my blog!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I loooove fearless!