Sunday, May 9, 2010

Well now wait one minute, I failed to mention, those tears I cried are tears of joy

tomorrow starts a week of slim fast shakes, salad with vinegar/oil, gilled chicken breasts, and fruit. those are all things i actually really love so it should be easy. as long as i have my protein i am god to go and a nice light  next few weeks will do me well. too many time si have allowed myself to eat whatever i want and it isn't healthy and isn't good for my wallet. not that thai food is bad for me necessarily but i need to eat more that just that.

i bought a few things at target and marshalls this weekend that made me happy. new bath rug in turquoise. turquoise fluffy towel and a white one. really cute little rolled up towels to go in a cute little white box i got from tj maxx that says 'bath'. a cute picture frame. new sexyorganicshampoo. a new white rouched in the middle tank top and a white hoody from target. dog treats.

so this is my current hair. i hate the picture but it shows how my hair is two different colors. underneath is dark brown and on top the sun has lightened old highlights. i am debating on going back to black, like black black snooki style or redoing the highlights from last summer. things to consider: black is a bitch to highlight later, highlights are really hard to do because i have my normal hair color growing in + the old highlights+ the dark undertone, highlights are expensive, they look amazing, i am more tan that i was last year, they really are $$, time to do the highlights and maintenance, how i look, what if black washes me out or i look like a jersey shore girl? could i do black and have an awesome undercolor or something shocking like red? or pink?

so any and all comments on what i should do are majorly appreciated because i need some help!! also please note how i used to have such a cute skinny face. im working on it getting it back again thats for sure. having a define chin sure is nice lol. but seriously, i need a change.

maggianos + family + flowers + graduation + sushi + betty whte on snl + long talks with my best friend + shopping + bottled water and zones bars + suprising my mom= a good weekend.

also next is a new tattoo but i am still having trouble on knowing exactly what i want. i am thinking of words on my ribcage but in the white/ultraviolet ink. almost looks like a faded scar so its there but for me. its still looking like "You can not protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness" is going to be the winner although i am thinking of somewhere putting the word 'patience'.

So many people enter and leave your life! Hundreds of thousands of people! You have to keep the door open so they can come in! But it also means you have to let them go!
extremely loud and incredibly close
(one of my favs for the last few years)

oh! new sookie novel! dead in the family! bought and read today. love me some sookie and eric! 


LiLu said...

I personally LOVE the look of bold-colored streaks underneath. And I think you could totally rock it. Just MHO! :-)

Carissa said...

I think you look great either way but my fave is with the highlights. I think it really brings out the golden tones in your skin. and it is so summery! I NEED to get my hair cut and colored but it's so much money so I've been putting it off but my hair IS starting to look raggedy so I might just need to bite the bullet already :)

and I need to work on the not eating whatever the heck I want all the time too. it's so hard!

sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! congrats on graduating!!! so exciting.

as for the tattoo, I'm in the same boat as you-- want another one but not exactly sure what. it's true what they say: once you get a tattoo, you want another... and another!