Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our bazooms are our weapons!

Confession: I love The Nanny and record it on my dvr. Seriously, it is a funny, well written show. Who doesn't sing along with "She was working at a Bridal shop in Flushing, Queens, when her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes.."

Today was GLORIOUS!

I woke up at my normal time (7ish) and happily got to force myself to sleep more. Bella was crashed out next to me. She then woke herself up to stare at me (leaving about 1 millimeter between her face and mine) very patiently until I woke up. Love my little stalker dog.

Watched some tv, chilled, had some breakfast. Little tip: Scrambled eggs are a million times better if you throw in some Emeril's Original Essence spices. After breakfast decided to hit the pool. Grabbed my bathing suit, Hawaiian Tropic, Stacey Ballis book "Sleeping Over" and my iPod, and I was ready to go.

The pool was thankfully not crowded on such a beautiful day so I found a nice chair to lay in the sun and relaxed. I love "safety break" time where every 15 minutes at the beginning of the hour all kids under 16 have to get out of the pool for adult time. Clever name park district! Talked to T who was missing me the same time I was calling him. This happens to us sometimes. I will literally be thinking about him or right about to call him and before I can press send, he is calling me. We don't have a usual time of day to talk, it's usually completely random, so it always make me smile.

Tanned and read almost the whole book and took a cool dip in the pool. Talked to my friend L, who is on is way to Iowa for a few days. Whenever he hears this one song with my name in it, he calls me and sings along. Love him!

I was at home for a while and sat in the yard with Bella relaxing. Apparently the sun does make you tired so I took a nice long nap. Last year E and I went to Florida for 3 weeks and used to tan all morning everyday and take long naps after. I loved the feeling of the cool sheets on my sun soaked body and the feel of his warm body curled into mine. Memories like that are so bittersweet. That vacation is one of the best memories of my life. Le sigh.

Now I am really, actually, going to clean this mess of an apartment. I have procrastinated so much in the last few weeks but seriously, after Bella keeps ripping up paper and the most random things, it needs a good cleaning.

I have a job interview tomorrow at 4, some sales work in the morning, and I want to email 2 people who converted Orthodox to ask questions. Also need to check and see what happened with what the CRC mailed me.

I leave you with some adorably cheeky Hugh Grant!

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bianca said...

haha "our bazooms are our weapons"...that Ricky Lake is something else!