Friday, July 25, 2008

I don't own emotion, I rent

Confession: While I write this I am youtubing Rent and other showtunes

I know I just wrote a post but this is a quick one about today. Since my last day at work is Tuesday but I have court for a ticket in the AM and I am definitely doing lunch with my Mom I went out with a few people today for lunch. It was nice,we went to Lalo's a great Mexican restaurant. Even though I was out with a girl from HR I totally still ordered a nice sized Margarita.

The truth is I am SO glad to be leaving my job. It can get sooo petty with people. People are so concerned about where you go, how long you go to the bathroom, they get crazy. Relax people!! I work my ass off but I still need to walk around once in a while. Do I need to make everyone watch The Office episode on work safety? I do recall Toby letting us know we need to give our hands a break and our bodies, so to walk around every half hour. So there![watching Adam Pascal do a cover of "under pressure" REALLY wants me to have a post title "under pressure: why can't we give our love one more chance]

Since it's Friday I let myself have some Thai food for dinner. Not that it is great for me or that I can afford it considering my last regular paycheck was today but life is short and a few dollars wont kill me. My fortune was great and made me think it's another sign. It was "Your present plans are going to succeed". C'mon, what a sign? If you add what I normally add to the end,
"your present plans are going to succeed-in bed", it sounds pretty great too!

I ate my thai food and talked to B for an hour or so and laughed my ass off as always. She has the cutest boy dog ever, Brodie. He is a chihuahua mix too and I call him Bella's boyfriend. At the end of the week there is nothing like a talk with B to laugh my ass off and remember why I am so lucky. She is looking to come here like always in August but if she can't I am so ready to go visit her in San Fran.

I talked to T today and he wants me to come to Cali but I told him only to meet in San Fran and if B doesn't come here (he lives in LA). Today he told me he missed me and I told him I missed him too and he was like "you miss me but I miss you a little bit more". Crazy silly sweet sexy guy I should be kissing and falling asleep with. Le sigh.

Time for some reading, maybe cleaning, and chillaxing with Bella!


rachel elizabeth said...

"While I write this I am youtubing Rent and other showtunes"

um, hi. i do the same thing. oh. my. god. i do the same thing!!!


Chicago Girl said...

awesome! i'm glad i'm not the only one!!!