Monday, July 21, 2008

So I am about to turn 25 and I live in the best city, Chicago. In a few weeks I am leaving my job to go back to school full time. I adore my chihuahua Bella and books by Jen Lancaster. I had this really cute picture of me for my header but it’s of me is when I was 3 and I have the cutest ass and I am laying named on my mom’s mink coat, I still do have the cutest ass but I am afraid if I post the picture I will get in trouble, I swear I saw it on a lifetime movie so I am not taking chances lol.

Here is a little bit about who I am. Read this and see if you want to read my blog or leave it at a glance.

I love dirty, sexy talk in bed. Dirty not stupid. My friend, G's idea of dirty talk is “give it to me big boy”. Yeah, no.
I worked at Victoria’s Secret for almost 3 years. We ended up wearing a lot of things out under our clothes towards the end when management fucked us. I still feel bad so whenever I go in, I over buy to make up for my guilt.
I like being in control but I like a man who can control me. I respect people who want to be equal and not dominated.
I love reading and always have insane library fines. I read fast and read almost anything.
I love Mandy Moore. She can do no wrong. A Walk to Remember. How to Deal. Because I said So. Saved. Please see these movies. She is a-fucking-dorable.
Love The Office. John Krasinski. Enough said. Actually Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor). That’s definitely enough said.
I love Hanes wife beaters, Best brand to wear. They keep their shape and cling to the breasts quite nice. Wifebeater + cute flip flops + big shades + comfy sexy jeans=my summer outfit.
I need some Dolce or Chanel sunglasses.
I talk a ton but at home, relaxed, I am content to read and relax and be with Bella.
I have never had a brazilian, or even been waxed. Always just shaved. Mach3 is the best razor.
Drinks of choice: Cran and Vodka. Absolut and Tonic. Mimosa. Rum and Coke. Shots are jager or tequila1800.
B is seriously a sister to me in heart and mind. My total dream is to raise our kids together.
I don’t move when I sleep so the covers never need to be made when I am alone.
I adore chinese and thai food. Love wings. Love ranch dressing and anything.
I am very serious about my conversion to judiasm but I am afraid to go to a synagogue alone and my Israeli friends don’t go. That is one of my goals this year, to explore my faith.
I want to learn to cook and actually know spices go well and what they are more and to cook less off the recipe and more by taste.
I leave my contacts in for weeks at a time
I use the Mirena IUD and love it.
I do not have credit cards.
I love with all my heart and genuinely expect people to be good. It hurts to trust someone and have them not give a fuck.
I want to video blog.
I love chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.
I have one tattoo.
Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push Up is the best bra. Ever. Comfortable. Work with most shirts. Give the best looking breasts. Get one. Life changing. My secret weapon. Make it yours.

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