Monday, July 21, 2008

Add this to the 8 million reasons why i adore her!

Bianca:she’s sticking her bridesmaids in black and her maid of honor in navy blue
who does that??
me: she wants them to look like robin givens after she was with mike tyson
Bianca: HAHA
i need to quote that
me: so what r the wedding locations!
Bianca: some wineries in napa/sonoma
me: !! sophisticated and chic like u
Bianca: aww thanks
and NOT like david’s bridal
wow i’m a bitch
but seriously
why even bother
me: no but dude
fucking just be a target isaac mizrahi bride
Bianca: THAT”S WHAT I SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we’re soo sisters
me: i know!!
we are the best
seriously thought what the hell is wrong with people
Bianca: i don’t know
and it’s all so like typical
there’s nothing in it that says “that’s soo *****”
you know?
me: its bootlegg
its like, you had a kid, got married to a guy who doesnt love you, dressed your bridesmaids as domestic violence
what else is there
Bianca: HAHAHA
i love it
Bianca: dressed your bridesmaids as domestic violence
omg that’s classic
me: thank goodness for you
Bianca: hehe
thank goodness for YOU
me: we are the BEST
you are amazing!
me: i got asked on a match date
Bianca: NO WAY!!!!!!
i can’t believe you let me babble about wedding crap when you got asked out

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