Friday, August 15, 2008

If conceited drag queens are "in", she's got a shot at being America's Next Top Model.

First off, the Olympics are just all over pissing me off. I hate how the Chinese girls who are barely out of diapers are being passed off as 16. If the only way the government is proving the girls are of age is to show a passport which can easily be fixed, what the hell. China's own media has previously reported these girls are 13 and younger but somehow aged 3 years in 1? Bogus!! Add that to the fact they switched a young singer for a "cuter version"?? I find the actual singer cuter but whatevs!! China-you are ridiculous. Sure, go and hide the death of a murdered tourist. Classy. I am definitely NOT watching the Olympics (sorry hottie Michael Phelps, I can youtube it later). This is all shenanigans but combine it with the fact they keep switching events from diving to badminton to gymnastics to whatever and it just sucks. End rant.

I am super excited to see Anna Faris in "The House Bunny". I absolutely adore Anna Faris. Just Friends, Southern Belles, The Hot Chick, Waiting, I can go on about her awesomeness. She is incredibly funny, sweet, beautiful, and every role makes me laugh out loud. I love the Girls Next Door and Playboy so that makes me want to see it even more. If those are not reasons enough, lets add in gorgeous smart sexy Colin Hanks of Orange County and Roswell. Swoon.

Today was a nice day which of course included me going to the pool. I went with my friend Iris and her kids and MP's sister Stav. Tanning and playing and letting the kids listen to Hairspray on my ipod, always fun. I love the kids. They listen and play and I always have a great time, especially with the 4 year old. He is so my little buddy. So we played and then went back to their house where Michal and the girls came too. I took Stav home and went back for Iris's awesome fish dinner and some quality time. They are like family to me and when Tal is here I don't see them as much. I really missed them so I am glad to have some time to hang.

I am missing Tal a lot right now. Besides all the incredibly hot and steamy texting and phone calls, which I adore, I just miss his smell and body and laugh and presence. When he lived in Cali I would take a tshirt and put the cologne he left on it and fall asleep with it. I am about to go do that again.

I was talking to this guy K who I met the week before Tal and he clearly misses me (as stated a few times on the phone) and he apparently realized he made a mistake in not going after me harder. His biggest mistake in my opinion was saying, if he wanted me and tried, he could have me. I told him that while it was his mistake, it wasn't mine. I am with the person I want to be with. I told him that he had the same chance as Tal but it was Tal who pursued me and took a chance and that's why we are together. We are a team and support each other and want the same things.

I am sorry K and E and other people didn't go for it when they had the opportunity or threw it away when they had me but Tal is different. I would never leave someone I like so much for someone who couldn't see what they had. Tal sees who I am. He told me the other night that he has never has a girlfriend like me, someone who gives everything they have and who is so good and kind. I used to be flattered by people saying stuff like K said but now I'm like ha well so what shut up and let me be. I don't need hollow compliments or lingering regrets because they see how much someone else appreciates me and are jealous. I love who I am with and I care about what he thinks and not other guys who only wants what they can't have. Sorry if they lost me but I definitely won in the end.

Tonight I am going to sleep alone in my bed but not in my heart. Bella next to me and Tal's tshirt smelling like him and I will sleep with sweet dreams. I am not looking back but only ahead. That way I don't trip.

Thank you Robin from ANTM for saying "Like my Mama said, if you don't stand for something you fall for everything". (sidenote: B and I cannot figure out why all the top model marathons are the icky jade/nnena season. can't stand those girls but love you joanie and danielle!)


Bayjb said...

The House Bunny does look kind of funny, Colin Hanks in the glasses is lookin' good too! Sorry you're missing Tal so much, it'll be okay!

So@24 said...

Not gonna lie, I think that House Bunny is going to be funny. The trailer alone was hilarious.

And Ana Ferris? UW alumnus, baby!