Thursday, August 28, 2008

i am listening to "burnin up" by the jonas shame in my game!

Confession: I need more girl friends in Chicago. Girls that like The Hills, ANTM, wine, pop culture, and chocolate. I want to have girls I can call up to chit chat and be like come over or go over to see them. Help? Sigh. I miss B like crazy because she is the LC to my LO.

[Caution: I am about to get total Valley Girl here.] Speaking of, here is my opinion of Lo and LC and stupid Audrina. LO and LC have been besties since they were in baby Gucci. Lo was a normal girl, went to college, stayed on the side, and lived her life after Laguna. LC's so called friend Heidi ditched her for an abusive bf and D list fame. I think even though Spencer is a total psycho, there is so much drama because LC and Heidi were legitimately supersuperthisclose.

Who the fuck is Audrina? Some idiot with a hot bod and small upper lip who STILL does not realize how stupid her "grin" is. I digress but she is stupid enough to write on her website proclaiming the show is fake proving she is on it for fame. She has a good body but even her nude pics couldn't get her famous before, only being LC's friend did that. No one is going to watch a show about her and Justin Bobby. They are the poor mans Heidi and Spencer. If I want a douche bag bf who cheats and manipulates, I am going for the real deal and not Spencer Lite. So this Bunny wannabe is consistently not loyal, makes stupid decisions, and shit talks LC behind her back. She makes the most annoying blank faces and does not care about LC at all.

Who can blame LO for being a bitch and protecting her bff? She is out there to protect LC and make sure people don't keep using her. Who wouldn't do that for their bff? When someone hurts me, B always threatens to run over them with her car and if someone is going to try and hurt her I will hope a plane to Cali and beat a bitch with a 5 inch stiletto. That's how we do.

As I told B on the phone a few days ago, Audrina is the friend that won't steal from her parents but she will totally leave her house unlocked and let her friends know where the good stuff is so they can come and rob her house. Shady!

Okay enough about my Hills obsession. Lord help us when ANTM starts next week with a tranny model and who knows what else. At least The Office I can just enjoy and not go crazy writing about. Also...One Tree Hill and Greys Anatomy. Those are my shows like Knockin' the Boots is my jam.

So I love my nanny job a lot. I get paid to watch 3 amazing kids and do organization stuff and laundry and things I like to do anyway.

Talked to E today. Asked me what I want from there. I think I will ask for a necklace or something with religious meaning. He was at the Jordan River (he's always swimming there( and apparently decided to bring me a rock. I miss him but I am going to try and concentrate on Tal. Actually I am thinking about making some cupcakes for him since he is coming back from a trip tomorrow. I also want to learn and make some bourekas.

I am obsessed with baking. I love baking cakes, cookies, cupakes. Baking + glass of wine + Hills or ANTM marathon=heaven.

Okay question. Since I get to babysit 3 kids (12, 10, 7) and we are going to be at the library about once a week and I hang out in the kids section, does this let me check out books that used to be favorite as a teen without being embarassed?

Bedtime for this bozo.

*edit* Aghhhh!!! Adorable Adorable dog!! The half pom face reminds me of Bella.


bianca said...

We are soo totally Lo and Lauren. Audrina *cough dumb bitch cough* needs to go. I love how they put her in the guest cottage like she's an embarassment.

So@24 said...

Not to be a name dropper... but I figure I can do it since I've never once seen an episode of "The Hills".

Last weekend I hung out with a girl named "Kim" from the show. Seemed really nice.

Chicago Girl said...

haha, Audrina has to sleep in the cottage and LC and Lo's dog gets to stay in the main house. Silly ho.

so@24-hello, jealous here!!! you've met someone from the hills and you have met john krasinski!

Katelin said...

i am such a hills fanatic, it's so bad, yet so awesome, love love it.

Bayjb said...

DId I just read "tranny model?" I need to DVR that stat. I think Lo is getting a bad rap even if she does have a teeny attitude problem. Audrina needs to stop going on "screensaver" and back off.

FYI: Some of us are going out tomorrow night, want to come? E-mail me.

Jamie Lovely said...

Audrina has dead eyes. I'm thinking she needs a lesson from Tyra!