Thursday, August 7, 2008

So. T is here and it is amazing. Better then anything I could have imagined. He is a seriously wonderful guy who makes me smile just about every second of the day.

Do you remember the feelings of first love? Of the first person who you loved that loved you back and being young, in love, and totally in lust? Being with T is like being 16 again BUT this time I actually get to appreciate it but I know how rare it is and how special.

He combs my hair when I get out of the shower. He makes me coffee in the morning. When Bella chews up the house, he wants to clean it. He carries my huge stack of library books which I keep in a huge purse and doesn't care who sees. He kisses me in between traffic lights. He is excited to see all my friends. He gets along amazingly with my good friend MP. He looks adorable when he sleeps.

When we go out, I forget my phone half the time. I just don't care. When I am choosing to leave my phone, text messages, etc and not care, that's something lol.

In the past few days we have rented a few movies, went to dinner and lunch, visited friends, got him a job with my friend E, hung out with MP a bunch, got my oil changed and a new tire ($150, ouch!), went to the mall, and just hung out.

Also. Best. Sex. Ever. and many. many. times.

So, besides that tmi, tomorrow is my birthday!!! B is here and in a little bit we are going to tan at the pool and relax. We have a happy hour tonight with some friends and tomorrow we are going to y bar and sound bar.

I have an interview for a nanny job tomorrow and also another sales job.

Life is good. Thank you God.

Wait. One last thing.

Seriously Tyra. Besides that you apparently inspired by the awful Dominique's photo shoot last season, holding you leg like that does not make it seem thinner and well...last years corset was a lot more flattering. I love how you look Tyra but someone is out to get you with this outfit! Also. Please. Come to the makeovers!!


Jamie Lovely said...

So happy to hear you're happy! Good luck on the interviews :)

Jenn said...

Good luck at the interview!

Bayjb said...

Good lord ANTM is back. Sigh. Happy early birthday go get more sex!

Chicago Girl said...

jamie-thanks!! btw LOVE your puppy!!!

Jenn-thanks, i hope it goes well!!

Bayjb-I have been getting more, this boy is fabulous!!!

anyone in Chicago, I'll be at Ybar and Soundbar so come by!!!