Sunday, August 3, 2008

Topeka by Ludo is a great song

Friday I was all over the place doing errands all over the place. Ended up at my friend I's where our other friend M was with her 2 little girls. Played with the girls and then went home. As soon as I got home I found out a friend/hookup was in town. I met this guy, K, right before T. Literally like 1 week before. He is a great guy, a little annoying at times because he is in a way stubbornly naive and thinks he is so wordy. Sweet guy though but America is eating him up. He's going back to Israel in a month or two.

So anyway he was in town and had a friend with him but I found it super annoying he was expecting me to take them out and entertain them without even asking me. Plus, unlike every other Israeli guy I know, he is cheap. So there is no way I am driving all over the city, paying for parking, clubs, etc on short notice. So I called my friend Y and MP, and we decided maybe to do a bar or something. Y is a kinda lazy guy but MP is pretty okay. He decided to come over and figure out what was up. We ended up deciding we wanted to smoke so found a girl to get some from. After some waiting and driving, we accomplished our mission and headed back to my place. Well, there was quick trip to the Dunkin Donuts for some iced coffees and a great tuna toasted bagel (seriously love the kosher Dunkin Donuts.)

So now its around 1 or so and we chilled and watched a bunch of Friends episodes I had on the dvr until a friend of ours, E called. He was at his office looking for a ride home since MPs dad and E's friend, bailed. (E drives a semi so he was parking it at the office and didn't have his car). E's wife, my good friend M, was asleep with their girls and couldn't come. So since I am not fucked up anymore, we drove down and got him. Ended up at a mexican restaurant with the slowest service but good enchiladas so all was well. Ended up home around 5am with MP sleeping on the sofa.

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