Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1 more day until ATNM!!!

The thing about switching between apartments is this: I refuse to pay for cable and internet at 2 places. In fact, I am pushing it off until as late as possible. So this weekend I was sans internet and missed an invite from Jess to hang out with with some fabulous Chicago bloggers. I also missed "I Love Money", my trashalicious guilty pleasure and watched it late last night. Basically I am at my old apt until Tal comes home then we are at our apt. When E gets back, I will stay permanently at the new place but his place has Bella and is closer to school and has internet and cable to keep me busy.

So, what did I do this weekend without my beloved technology and a supercute boyfriend? What else is there to do?

I went and got a new tattoo!

Tal and I went to Tatu Tattoo on North ave. I got my first tattoo there and also my nose pierced, so I am comfortable with their cleanliness, work, and prices. I got a small nautical star filled in light pink and dark pink. I got it but the bikini line on my right side. When it's healed I will post a picture. Tal got 2 nautical stars, one on each shoulder, in the front. Even getting tattooed, he is so cute. So he got his without even a flinch and I got mine with some slight flinching and a little bit of grabbing at my own knuckles.

While Tal was getting his, I texted B and told her I got a tattoo. She called me 2 seconds later due to the total randomness of it and considering we tell each other everything, it was super out of the blue. While explaining to her what Tal and I got, she was like "you do realize, that even though they are not name tattoos or something, you totally got a 'couples' tattoo." Yeah...she is completely right. I think we did kind of get sort of matching tattoos. I mean, yeah duh, we both got nautical stars but I don't know, it wasn't with a matching intent. So I inadvertently have a couples tattoo but it is not a name so there E and his trashy ex gf who tattooed his name!

I didn't even think twice about getting a tattoo with him. I knew for a while I was getting an itch and when we woke up, we just decided and went and that was it. I didn't have any second thoughts and I love my new tattoo. When Tal was deciding to come out here, we both just went with it and it is working pretty well. I am really comfortable around him and our communication is getting so much better!! We are having a lot fo much, talks, good times, and getting to enjoy each other.

I actually cooked this weekend! Schniztnel, salad, cous cous for Saturday night dinner. Sunday we had grilled chicken, cabbage salad, and white rice. He likes my cooking so that's another bonus. When he came home on Friday, I baked him cupcakes with sprinkles! Domesticated goddess like what! I went grocery shopping so we had lots of good things to eat and drink and it was nice to relax at home, and easy on the wallet.

Labor day was a nice day with a realizing BBQ with my Israeli friends. Steak, kabobs, salads, good wine and beer, sun and friends. I hadn't seen the little kids in a while so they were on me like white on rice. I helped them eat, with showers, and put them to bed.

Oh, time to go pick up "my" kids from school!! I have a survey I need to post too!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!


Jenn said...

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already (I have the memory of a 98-year-old). Some of the Chicago bloggers are getting together for dinner on Sept. 15. You're more than welcome to join us. A NY blogger is joining us so you won't be the only new person there.

Also, I went to Tatu Tattoo to get my nose pierced (years ago) and I really felt comfortable there! Congrats on the new tattoo :)

Bayjb said...

Wow good for you going without technology and going for the tattoo and piercing. I can't wait to see pictures! Did it hurt down there?

We'll do another meet up soon, don't worry, i'll work through technology to get you an invite :)