Tuesday, September 2, 2008

oh neil diamond, i love you and shilo!

The following argument is inductive. Determine whether it is strong or weak, and note the relationship between your answer and the truth or falsity of the premise(s) and conclusion. Then determine whether each argument is cogent or uncogent.

Coca-Cola is an extremely popular soft drink. Therefore, probably someone, somewhere, is drinking a Coke right this minute.

Each element, such as hydrogen and iron, has a set of gaps-wavelengths that it absorbs rather than radiates. So if those wavelengths are missing from the spectrum, you know that element is present in the star you are observing.

  • If the argument is deductive, select the kind of deductive argument and leave the inductive argument selector as is.
  • If the argument is inductive, select the kind of inductive argument and leave the deductive argument selector as is.

These would be examples of the Logic homework I have been doing online.

Thank goodness for Tyra and the Jays tomorrow.

And my television bf, Nigel!


So@24 said...

When is the spoon sesh again? That's the only argument I'm interested in.

Chicago Girl said...

october 3-6. be ready!