Monday, November 24, 2008

monday monday (mama cass did not choke on a ham sandwich)

First up, go see another vlog roomie and i made last night.

Second, my review of twilight is basically summed up over at televisonwithoutpity. I loved the movie. "It's also going to win over plenty of non-fans and newcomers, because Stephenie Meyer's work really is all about the stories, not the writing, and in film form, the audience doesn't have to focus on the simplistic, repetitive writing style. We're free to sit back and enjoy the story". Agreed. Her writing is no JK Rowlings but something comes alive with her characters.

Was it my favorite movie ever? No but it was hot enough to keep me going to see it twice. I loved Kristin Stewart and of course, Rob Pattinson. Also, I loved how funny Jasper's pained look was. Good soundtrack and Oregon is beautiful, so those are bonuses. I loved Carlisle and Esme and Alice and I was not a Rosalie hater. I am going to read eclipse and breaking dawn this week in between papers.

ANTM, well, as B says, we are in a fight with Tyra. McKEy? Ew Ew Ew Ew. and Ew.

Tonight I want to relax with wine and roomie and some one tree hill. i think GG is a repeat.

Some people never change.

Life is all about possibilities.

Happiness is a state of mind.

Love is all around.

I need to go get holiday spirited and watch some holiday movies. watched the family stone yesterday and today am thinking about love actually.


Jenn said...

Gossip Girl? A re-run? Tonight?


Mandy said...

I watched White Christmas the other day to help me get holiday spirited and today busted out the Christmas CDs...

Katelin said...

my thoughts exactly about twilight, i sort of want to see it again :)