Friday, November 21, 2008

so, roomie and i saw twilight, which i think every knew, as we were twittering while in out seats right before previews. i don't know how there can even be spoilers for someone who read the book but okay. all i can say is i love the soundtrrack which i now have from itunes and of course i love me some edward. what can i say? i agree with jamie on how fabulous his hair is.

what i think is so appealing to the sotry is the devotion and passion of the characters and i know alot of people feel this is totally unrealistic. the thing is, firts love can really be that crazy. you go in 100% and havent been hurt and you just, you're willing to do anything for it. even later loves in life can be all powerful and consuming.

i am still debating the whole comfotable versus sparks relationship or if you can have it all. a friend of mine dez once told me how you know you found "the one" when you have the trinity of love, friendhsip, and amazing passion.

sigh. more on this later. time to be a super nanny.

i REALLY want to go to the blogger dinner tonight but don't know how i will get there. train? drive? whats parking like? i need to be in palatine around 1030. help??

also roomie and i have a date on sunday for another twilight viewing. also mayeb some team edward tshirts.


Jenn said...

Team Edward shirts are necessary. Seriously...we're going all out this time. Screw maturity!

Come to the meet-up! Do it, do it! Drive to the red line or just drive all the way there - sure you'll have to pay for it, but do it for love.

Or at least a chance at a free blog design haha!

Jamie said...

Seriously why is he so hot? YOur twitter icon is cracking me up.

You should come to the meet up. It will be fun!

Andy said...

Trinity of lve.. I like that idea...

Bayjb said...

I was following both of your tweets on Friday, very jealous. Can't wait to hear your thoughts after tonight's viewing.