Monday, November 17, 2008

A warm bath, a good laugh, an old song that you know by heart.

I feel like I have done more this weekend then in the last few months of social activity. Well, in terms of actually being one of those 20 something people that dress up and go to a club and drink and made drunk phone calls to Internet friends of their ex bfs from years ago. what?! okay, i made the phone call to my high school bf's friend who became my friend and who lives in dallas. we have not talked on the phone in like, 2 years maybe? and his gf answered and i found her super charming and told her "you are so freaking adorable you could be on cuteoverload". yeah, i'm apparently that cool. please don't be jealous ;)

wait. let me start this all from the beginning. so last week was the "week of epic proportions" according to our kitchen board and boy was it. i found out a bunch of wonderful new things about Tal after i went to pick up my friend Mayan from the police station. Apparently a girl he took to dinner turned out to be a drug dealer and they arrested her when he dropped her off at her apt and then impounded his car. yeah so at 12:30 I went to get him and then he ended up sleeping on the sofa that night. Roomie I'm sure loved walking out of her room to some strange guy snoring on the sofa. So after I drive him to his apt and then realize he left his keys at my place, he feels so bad I am being so nice that he gives me the real deal on Tal.

Tal left to Israel from some girl he met working at a kiosk in a mall in Dallas. The whole time I should question Tal being faithful pretty much but that's not confirmed. Although I should be happy to know he loved to tell everyone about how good the sex was with me. But, I can't be too mad about that because lord knows I was saying the same thing. So, more on that stuff later if I have the energy to type it. Or more if anyone wants to know what happened and Tal's response when I called him on it.

So. The next few days were just school and work and thank god I got a C on my chem test. Then I had to take Mayan to the Impound lot which involved a lot of government buildings and $1200 later he got his Audi back minus the gps. Nice city of Chicago employees. Very classy. Meanwhile I'm more upset about my so called friends who know all this about Tal and hid it, even after the whole E disaster. Sigh.

Here is a quick weekend round up.

-made a carebear out of construction paper with the kids
-my boss gave me 2 tickets to the bulls game for saturday night! w/parking!
-bring home roomie some moscato wine because she also had a very rough week.
-Sound Bar had a crazy long line because apparently some Chicago bears were there.
-Many drinks and hours later, I made my drunk dial phone call while colleen was sitting in mayans lap.
-ended up back at mayans w/colleen and got in some comfy clothes and slept for many hours.

-he made us the best egg thing in a pita ever and drove us back to my place
-bulls game with mayan
-picked up yair and headed to wrigleyville
-3 random make outs, 2 bars, and 1 awkward conversation with an exs co worker later, ended up having the best pizza ever. mac and cheese pizza, i need to learn how to make this.

-woke up very late and ate breakfast at like 4pm with mayan and went home to sleep.
-made vlog with the roomie which apparently people like so more to come!
-ended up back at mayans playing xbox

Monday Mayan cooked a yummy dinner for some people and Pasha (a chef who works at a restaurant in northbrook) made an amazing lemon pie. My friend Marìa came and that was awesome. Many wine bottles later and some xbox and I slept all Tuesday.

Roomie made the best chili with noodles and it was fantastic! Unfortunately the cornbread was a no go, stupid oven!!!

This week has 2 of my favorite things.
1. Top Model Finale tonight! (anyone BUT mckey!!)
2. Seeing Twilight for the midnight show with roomie. We have reserved seats thank to muvico where the seats are sofas and you get free popcorn and a different entrance. we will be acting 12 thank you very much.

I think I am going to purchase the iphone today.

I am proud of myself because while this weekend was wild, it was totally my post break up antics and compared to a few years ago, I am a saint. After my first huge break up I was pretty casual about who I slept with and whatnot. I didn't sleep with strangers or one night stands but my "dating" choices were pretty unsuitable. Also, maybe too many choices. After the break up with E, well, I had a lesser number but still Tal and Kobi were 2 guys the same time and I definitely had just met them. This time only one slip up sex with the ex and a few random kissing so I feel pretty good. Progress and growing up...woah.

One Tree Hill was absolutely awful last night BUT I kinda have a thing for this new guy on the show. What can I say? Bad boy, buzzed hair cut, muscular yet lean? Add a few chest or back tattoos and I am done. Apparently Tal has left me not only with a small star tattoo but a lust for his body type. Since Chad Michael Murray annoys the bejessus out of me, I am happy this guy is on the show.

Right now I am loving
-my winter scarf
-gap commericals (thanks b!)
-hot chocolate
-"trouble is a friend" by Lenka
-"the best days of your life" by kellie pickler
-"love story" by taylor swift
-edward/twilight/rob pattinson/rob pattinson singing
-eggs and toast
-holiday season


Mandy said...

I CANNOT wait for the midnight viewing of Twilight. I am going with one of my best friends as we too will be acting like we are 12 and loving every minute of it! :-)

Jenn said...

Wow. There's almost TOO much going on in this post. Where to start? Meh, I'll skip everything else and just unleash the 12-year-old inside of me.

OMG! Twilight in ONE day! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Oh. And uh...damn oven.

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

you can skip since you already know everything anyway! remind me to actually update so my posts arent longer then books lol

Andy said...

WOW! Those were definitely some busy days!

And *cry* I'm not getting Twilight until January the 16th. Crap.

Bayjb said...

I can't wait to hear about Twilight, but not TOO much detail because I'm seeing it Saturday. OMFG I love that Lenka song "Trouble is a Friend." I hunted it down from Grey's and I'm totally obsessed.

Lauren said...

Can't wait to see you again soon!

Sara said...

Yeah Twilight!!