Monday, November 10, 2008

Good friends will be there to take your drink away
when they think that you've had too much
Best friends will look at you when you are
stumbling all over the place and say
"Bitch, you better drink the rest of that!"

As I was reading B's latest post and cracking up because I could picture her facial expression when she receives her coffee, I again felt so lucky to have such an amazing best friend. Which then got me thinking about what makes a best friend. Bianca and I met when we were 7 years old and have been through it all.

These are my signs that mark a true friendship.

#1- Sharing a bathroom. Ask yourself, can you pee in the same stall with your friend? If you're on the phone can you pee while you talk? Or do you hold it and hang up? Some people might be like "ew" but seriously, we all pee. Maybe it's because I went to an all girls high school and we all talked and peed and no one thought anything of it and we could always spare a square but to me its no big deal. I think if you are able to share like, a gas station bathroom and not be staring straight into the corner or wait outside, you know you have a true til the end friend. This does not apply to guys cause they pee next to each other all the time.

#2- Can you change in front of each other? Bianca always jokes she's seen my breasts more than her own and it could be true lol. We share clothes, dressing rooms, change all over our homes together, we do not care. Now while most people aren't exactly as open as me, when you are a bit more reserved and still do this with your best friend, that's another sign. When we were younger and in need of a pick me up, Bianca and I used to go to department stores (rip Marshall Fields) and hit up the prom dresses and try them on. The more ridiculous the better. (OMG random side note I swear I got a bit misty eyed at the thought that in a month she will be home and trying on wed dding dresses for real. my B is all grown up!)

#3- Can you call them any hour of the day or night? I can literally call Bianca at anytime and she can do the same for me and we have. Texts at 3 am. Drunken rock band phone calls lol. Me crying hysterically over some boy. Also remember that she is in Cali and I am in Chicago so my 8am phone is 5am for her. There isn't a time I won't want to talk to her and won't pick up/ I don't care if I am in the movies, dinner, sex, whatever, I answer her calls. Sure if it's sex I might see what the 411 is and if it's a non emergency call her back but that's more for respect out for her not having to hear me heavy breathe and ask the same questions over and over (whatever like that happened in high school, i mean ugh, next #)

#4- Can you call them/ give them a few minutes warning and hang out? true friends are always ready for a hang out. no need for making plans. its are you ready to go hang out with some random Jamaican who may be packing heat and run away from a drug deal because we are naive suburban girls? great lets go.

#5 Do you have a million inside jokes and the most random 4 am gchats? We do. From Jackson 5 to Ladybugs to Old Country Buffet prison lesbians to 3 minute Ice cream to Daddy Dan and Bubba and Josie, we have it all. We know with a word, picture, anything what each other is thinking and in reference to what. At 4am we are the girls talking about lifetime series "Soul Story" and boys and Trya. Actually Tyra and ANTM is a pretty high up there in what we love to talk about. Also, world series of pop culture we are coming for you (need our third, so@24, we're looking at you!) We also want them to bring back rock n roll jeopardy and make a pop culture one as well.

#6 (most important) Your name is safe in their mouth. I know 100 million% that B is never talking behind my talk. She will say it all to my face. She defends me and I do the same for her. We don't ever need to question each other's loyalty. A friend is no Serena and Blair frienemy situation. It is all about Punky and Cherie, Dj and Kimmy, Spongebob and Patrick, Gail and Oprah, Jay and Mr Jay and Tyra. Winnie the Poooh and Piglet.

I wish everyone could be as lucky as me and have a Bianca in their life. Oh, another example would be that roomie and I built an entertainment center and she put a pic on it of her and the manfriend and my significant other was Bianca, my hetero life mate and that pic is staying. (also the cute one where she is pumping gas in a fab dress on my fridge stays up too)

I love you B!! (Yes she feeds me cake!)

So, I want to hear what signs or things make people know who their bff or true friends are. Let me know about your bff, a story, how you met, whatever. Be proud of your bff!!


Mandy said...

I agree with all your points! My best bud and I are like that too.

Andy said...

#2- Can you change in front of each other?

Hahahahaha... Totally.

YOu should have added "No awkward conversations about anything. Including poop."

Maxie said...

I completely agree! and you can talk forever about nothing.

Bayjb said...

I agree with all of these points. That and being able to travel together without killing one another is key. Then you're in.

Katelin said...

i agree with all of these! and i'd say being able to share clothes without caring if it gets a bit dirty or something. oh true friends.

Anonymous said...

i want to hear more about the cool aunt.

Bobbie said...

This is the cutest post. It's so sweet and wonderful what you've written about Bianca. Your friendship is precious! (I'm sure you know that)

I don't have any female friends that are that close. I wish I did. It's just not the same dynamic with the guys.