Wednesday, December 3, 2008

this love is diffucult but it's real

today i was having a horrendous hair day when i woke up. the cause would be me not fully drying it yesterday and kind of half defusing it. which turned into semi wavy, super gross hair. i was like "oh great, the guy i am crushing on gets to see me at 9am looking like a hot mess, no thanks". normally i would be like "eff this i don't have time to straighten it" BUT i had another idea. a 10 minute total idea that would make me look pretty fabulous.

this is amazing for 2 reasons.
(1) it took 5 minutes to put all the curls in my hair and 5 to set, which can last up 2 2 days (maybe longer but i wash it after 2 days if not sooner lol)
(2) i have the most stick straight hair ever and have NEVER been able to hold a curl and look at how adorable and curlicious they are!

the Remington T Studio Curls was the best $30 purchase ever! there are 5 rows of curls (20 total) and have both big and small rollers. it only takes 90 seconds to heat and they are ready to use. the trick i guess it that the clip is heated and ceramic. you can leave them in for 5 minutes, give or take a minute depending on what kind of curls you want.

the trick to making them so awesome i found out with help from the roomie. she suggested mousse and voila, it worked amazing. so mousse plus some sexy aqua net = hot curls.

basically i have adorable hair AND get to go buy a bunch of cute headbands to wear. my hair is so freaking thick i could never keep a headband on but now they will stay on and add a little pizazz to my cardigan/jeans combo.

oh. last night i also go to sing along to lady gaga's "just dance" with 3 ten year old boys. one boy was all "this is christina aguilera" but i didnt want to correct him and embarrass the main boy i babysit.

i dropped them all off for basketball practice and had an hour to kill before getting them and so was going to grab a bite to eat at northbrook court BUT THERE IS NO FOOD COURT! wtf?? apparently it is too upscale for the sbarro and panda express so its sushi or pf chang's or pescara or any other restaurant that will cost me at least $20 for a meal. sigh. i miss the old days. what do the mall employees eat? i guess they are stuck with "cheap" $10 corner bakery meals.

today was not a good morning for the roomie but tonight we are going to do our favorite cheer us up activity so that should be fun. (also, voodoo and seven were the devils last night. sigh. at least bella sleeps and never wakes up. then again you dont have to take cats out at ungodly hours so there are trade offs)

i need to go to target and buy more camis.

let me know what you thinks of the curls?

oh! and i got all cute, and the boy wasn't even in class! grr. but he is pale with edward like hair and very cute so he is excused.


Andy said...

My hair is super thin and super straight so it's super rebel. It won't allow anything to get done with it, besides the usual sraightening.

Curls last me about 2hours and then my hair gets as satraight as it can get. AGAIN. Argh. It pisses me off.

Jenn said...

Look at those curls!

Maxie said...

I'm jealous you get to hang out with Jenn all the time. I want a blogger roommate. Wahhhh.

Also? The curls look awesome. I'm definitely investing in those things.

Mandy said...

Curls rock.I love my rollers. Perfect for a quick hair fix.

Susie said...

hey a fellow Chicago girl. I just ran into your blog and wanted to say hello!