Monday, December 8, 2008

once bitten, twice shy

tuition for a semester: $4,500
iphone for class distractions: $200
logic book: $70
assignment notebook: $5
finding out on facebook your class crush is gay: priceless

i decided to a do a little facebook stalking after i finally knew the name of the cute tall skinny pale guy who looks like a vampire in my class.

after calling roomie over to give her opinion, we began to browse his pictures.

Exhibit A
Okay, i thought perhaps they were just good friends. I mean, sure it's a smidgen close but still, nothing too suspect...until....

Exhibit B
this pretty much says it all but it was confirmed with the "interested in: men" that i somehow skipped, probably because pictures seemed more interesting at the time...

While this isn't really a big deal to most people, to me this is like....what the-how-huh!? I haven't made this mistake, EVER. I have known people were gay before they ever came out or even really knew themselves. I was raised by 2 gay men. Gay men who instilled in me the best gaydar ever! How did I not see this? Damn you Edward! I was looking for a sexy pale guy and threw away my better instincts for some vampire love. Sigh.

*Edit* had to put this in haha* * * * *

on to less embarrassing things, i went to a 5th grade basketball game and it was a lot more fun then i thought. they went into double overtime and then almost triple but the refs were"eff this, whoever makes the next shot wins". so "my" team lost but it was still really fun.

speaking of fun, who wants to go to a bulls game? i went a few weeks ago to my first one and am hooked!! so, i would love to find some people to go with. also, joakim noah is my bf. sigh. love that guy. i love the atmosphere, the crowd, the players, being proud of chicago, the history. i am definitely becoming a big fan. my adorabloe grandma has been a fan for years and called me the other day to tell me they lost and recap the game. super adorbale.

* * * * *
this week i am finishing finals, thank god! my chem teacher says if we get an A on the final, no matter what we get an A in the class. crazy!

i miss bella. joint dog custody sucks!

on to happy things....

* * * * *
things i love about the holiday/winter season
hot chocolate
holdiay lights (roomie did the BEST job putting ours up)
friendlier people
holiday movies (love acutally is a top fav)
the music
buying gifts for people ( the thought not the $ lol)
scarves and mittens in festive colors
slippers around the house
watching snow fall and being cozy in the apt
bianca coming home for 3 weeks!!
holiday songs (baby it's cold outside, all i want for xmas (is you), winter wonderland)
cuddling (thought i need a partner, any takes lol)
seeing all my family

What are you guys loving?


Andy said...

OMG. Whether you're straight or gay, you shouldn't post pics like those on Facebook.

Maxie said...

Oh lord honey... I feel your pain. Every guy I've ever crushed = gay.

Okay maybe I'm exaggerating...but it's close.

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

Andy: I know right? You're lucky I didnt put up the shirtless picture where he looks 12!!!

Maxie: I wish you could have Jenn laughing her ass off lol my first school crush=fail lol but im glad im not alone!

Mandy said...

I feel your pain, I've been into a guy only to find out he was gay and usually my gaydar works really well.

I am loving everything about this holiday!

So@24 said...

No. Seriously. I call a spot on your floor.

High-heel gal said...

haha, seriously, what would we do without FB?!