Friday, December 12, 2008

Help aka Blog Contest!!

okay, i need some help.

i hate this blog name. it is generic and besides that i am in chicago, says nothing about me.

i need a new blog name.

i want to do a whole new layout but since i hate this name, i don't want to until i have the new name.

i need YOUR help.

even edward wants to help.

people who i know read, people who i don't know, your pet, your grandma, help a girl out.
i know that there are some super creative readers lurking around who can give this blog a name i don't cringe at saying out loud lol.

please submit your suggestions and whoever i pick (most likley roomie will be helping me), will get a $15 giftcard.

the winner can pick from starbucks, target, itunes, or wherever else is easy for me to get one lol.

i will close the contest next thursday night and post the winner next friday.

thank you guys so much.

oh. i suppose the only rules would obviously be: don't let anyone else have that name lol.


Maxie said...

Oh gosh....

See when I want to change my blog name I have a billion ideas but now I'm blank.

I want to think of a playoff of your name b/c it's end w/ Any so it shouldn't be hard

Tiff anything goes

horrible. I need to work on this. I will be back if I think of anything

Do you watch the office?

how about "i've got penises on the brain"

that's my fave quote :-)

Jay said...

How about:

"Excommunicated in the Windy City"

"I'm a New Jew - How Do You Do?"

"My Men & Desserts Are Brown & Sweet"

The Ex said...

"Once Bitten, Twice Chi" - Tales of a Chicago Girl

I LOVE IT. Yes, I stole it from your last post.

But I don't think anyone else has that name.

Angela said...

I totally vote for Once Bitten, Twice Chi. That's awesome.

My only other thought was "Tiffany at Breakfast" (sort of a reversal of "Breakfast at Tiffany's").

Fabulously Broke said...

Well Winded in the City the best I could come up with.

Will be back if I can think of more

Stacy said...

Chi-Town Tiff's

..that's the best I could come up with! Good Luck :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I was reading your About Me and it seems you like some foriegn things, so I thought of:

"American Girl in a Foreign World"

or something along those lines.

Hope you find a good name!!

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

DJ Drew said...

Eye of the Chi

K. said...

I got nothin', just wanted to wish you luck! Also, please don't consider this an entry into your contest - people actually putting in the effort to help you out are way more deserving.

Mr. G said...

Tiffany's epiphanies.

Breakfast with Tiffany

The Chosen One

Hope that I helped.... I would like to get the $15 gift card for hooters or cheese cake factory ;-)

Mr. G.

nbp said...

How about "Soon to be Jew"

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

maxie- i LOVE the office


the ex- i LOVe that title, really awesome!!

angela, fabulously broke, stacy, lauren, drew, k,- thanks for commenting and giving me ideas!!

mr g- maybe you should just get hooters or cheesecake for a late birthday dinner?

So@24 said...

Tao of Tiffany

Sara said...

Flavor of Libe

Let me explain my reasoning:

Similar to Flavor of Love(Since you are a fan of VH1 reality shows), and your name is Tiffany(just like New York's!). Libe being the yiddish word for Love(at least from what I found).

You could even go crazy with this idea and rename yourself Chicago, and then rename all your friends something crazy.