Monday, December 15, 2008

thank you to everyone who has suggested blog names for me and especially to jenn who posted it up on her site. please keep thinking of any ideas for the contest and you can win the $15 gift card!
but really, you can help me find a name i love because right now, i never have the motivation write. i really dislike my current blog name. so, keep on thinking and tell anyone you know!

okay besides, a few other shenanigans have been going on.

the painting of the living room/dining room is complete. not without a trip to wal mart 5 minutes before it was closing to grab an extra gallon of paint, but still. we have lovely walls but still a FREEZING apartment. landlord will be by tomorrow to see whats up since i awoke with ice inside my window.

school is done. thats all i want to say about that.

i get bella tomorrow which makes me very happy. joint custody of a dog kind of really sucks. but you bet she is going to meet santa at the mall soon. i dont care if i dont celebrate xmas, my dog looks too cute meeting santa. except the mall/petsmart santas always wear big watches and it ruins the picture lol.

okay so i was going to write more but some facebook chatting got me distracted so its off to bed where i have 2 comforters...


Mandy said...

I am horrible at making up names and things like that, but good luck! School being over is always a good thing.

Bayjb said...

Wow way to go you and Jenn about the painting. Ice on the windows is not good, you guys need to get him out there to take a look at it.