Wednesday, December 17, 2008

rumlicious tuesday!

snowy chicago night + 2 roomies + daiquiris with bacardi=
rumlicious tuesday!!

yesterday it was freezing in the apt. seriously, i slept in a sweatshirt, comfy pants, socks, and 2 comforters, not blankets but big thick comforters. and i was still kind of cold. roomie was so cold she ran the shower and changed in the bathroom. obvs this is shenanigans so i called up the landlord. she met me at wal mart to give me a space heater and get some plastic stuff for the windows. which of course meant i was in the store for more then 5 mins so i started shopping for all the things i want and def do not need. 2 posters, a poster frame, shampoo, bottle of wine, and $50 later i was out. going home the normally 3 min drive took about 30 mins. but i got home, turned the space heater to 80 and was warm and toasty in no time.

after a 2.5 hour drive roomie made it home. traded stories about our days and decided we needed meat. cooked some steak and potatoes and open the wine. we finished the wine shortly and decided, yes, we had fulls trays of ice and the big beautiful bottle of rum in our kitchen.

so i filled the blender with ice and plugged it in, not expecting for it to be apparently already pressed into "crush" mode. ice quickly got all over me and part of the kitchen. hot. so after proper blender use and then being interrupted by an annoying phone call, roomie had made us YUMMY strawberry daiquiris. i knew when she moved in, bringing her cosmo mix and daiquiris mix that it would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and i was right. she may have added more then the recipe called for of rum and that was fine with me.

throughout the night of yummy drinks we proceeded to do cosmo's "naked quiz" and read the embarrassing stories. there was also a mad lib where i think the best one turned out to be "This year, you're very happy because your date is Edward, a boy so steamy he makes your nipple feel large". i made her give me the words without knowing the story. hmm maybe it is funnier with rum.

after another refill of drinks and more rum then necessary added, roomie did indeed end up upside down on our reclining sofa. we busted out some chips and salsa and roomie was pretty laid out. i watched more Greek which i kinda love, and then roomie somehow managed to get herself to her bedroom. i made a drunk phone call to b who is the best bff to put up with my incoherent ramblings and frequent mention of my head starting to hurt. ended up the night talking on fb to one of my fav bloggers who i totally adore and got a sneak peek of a post so that was pretty awesome.

overall the night of rum was full of giggles but this morning is all headaches for both of us.

we did have a good idea to have a night of board games and drinks with a bunch of people. clue, life, guess who, hungry hungry hippo, sorry, mixed with yummy drinks and some cookies (or real food, whatever).

who's in?


Mandy said...

Rum makes me happy. Sounds like a fantastic evening.

Board games, drinks and food? I wish I lived in Chicago.

Lauren said...

Sounds like fun! I'd come play games with you... or do anything with you because I miss you!

Katelin said...

sounds like my kind of night, haha. love it.

Bobbie said...

That sounds like fun! You should start a Chicago Blogger night like that once a month. :)