Friday, December 19, 2008

wish wish wish wish

So 20sb has a fun December Blog Carnival and there are 3 posts to choose from.

- A wishlist of things you want that are free
- A wishlist of 5 items, one for each sense (that's an item for sight, one for smell, etc)
- A wishlist of things you would sneak under the tree for yourself, age 13

Since i LOVE wishing for things that are free, the choice was easy for me.

diamond stud earrings from tiffany's.
classy, timeless, gorgeous. a must have.

burberry brit is one of my favorite scents.
not one person has smelled it and not liked it.
mine was stolen along with my backpack.

i have been wanting these forever.
someone please give me $415 plus tax so they can be mine.
k, thanks!

because seeing my roomie's mac laptop makes me jealous.

bella needs to travel in style.

no explanation needed.

love these christian louboutin's.
tickets to south america for travel.
i will see the penguins!
and the muy caliente men!

what do you wish for?


Katelin said...

mmmmmmmmrobpattinson. yum.

and i love the burberry brit too, one of my fave perfumes!

Mandy said...

The studs, LOVE them. A few years ago I splurged on similar ones for myself and I wear them 90% of the time.

Bayjb said...

Um hi you have a lot of awesome stuff on this list, holy cow. The shoes are a yes but in a different color and the studs are a definite must (boys too ;))

herana said...

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