Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here's the thing about don't know if it's good or bad until you have some perspective.

okay so last night was a night of wine and daiquiri's and some good tv with the roomie. if you follow jenn or i on twitter, then you know already know how our night went. jenn drank most of the pinot grigio and i was a little too rum happy with the strawberry daiquiri's.

we asked the twitter world for the correct way to spell daiquiri's: with or without a "c". we were, i'm sure, very entertaining with our misspellings and ramblings. of course, we were both wrong about the spelling. i knew there was no "c" but i had my "i's" in the wrong place. either way, at the end of the night we both learned:

friends don't let friends drink and twitter.

poor jenn had to go to work today but i have done absolutely nothing besides watch an episode of psych and part of a league of extraordinary gentlemen because, well, i heart shane west.

okay that's not entirely true. i did make some amazing and yummy sweet potato french fries which are kind of a new obsession. i pretty much love anything sweet potato these days which is weird but at least they are good for you. unlike the quiznos i have had for lunch 3 days straight.

this leads me to my creepy story which, thank god bianca was there for. well, on the phone with me which is second best to being there. i have seen the same weird guy who works there and he apparently has taken a liking to me. besides t
he attempts at teasing me, he has decided to give me "extra meat" (eww no jokes here!) and feels we are close enough to ask who i am talking to on the phone and what my conversation is about. he also thinks i am worthy enough to go in the back and find me the chip flavor i like (salt and sour thankyouverymuch). bianca was cracking me up the whole time and i could barely keep a straight face. and seriously? these dude had chin pubes and weird glasses and looked as if the bus from jail had just dropped him off. ugh. just a weird experience on the whole but i was super nice because well, i think he was trying to be nice too albeit very creepy at the same time.

being at quinzos reminded me of other sub p
laces and their cookies of choice. i really dont think quizno's cookies can enter here because, as bianca puts it, "they taste like shit" and she is right.

so its really between:

the amazing subway half raw soft cookies


the potbelly's dream bar

personally, as close a call as it is, the dream bar is just like heaven in my mouth so that's my fav. what sucks is potbelly's is way more expensive so i don't go as much. plus there's not one that near me. so it's kind of a treat when i go.

so what's everyone preference?

alright so i think i am going to go tanning and then to the library. i owe like $17.30 in fines so i will pay that and get a bunch of books to read. i am always looking for some new books or old favorites people have. i have joined daddy dan's 2009 bookworm challenge and quite honestly, i think i will do really well in it. i am not looking to competitive as much as it will actually show me a record of what i read because i read a ton and couldn't guess to the number of books i go through in year.

oh!! another awesome thing going on is the 20something biggest loser that rachel and sarah are doing!! check it out. i think they are amazing and i am definitely going to join!!

wow seriously, can i procrastinate anymore? i really want to just crawl into bed and take a nap.......

When I looked at you, my life made sense.
Even the bad things made sense.
They were necessary to make you possible.


Maxie said...

what is a potbelly's dream bar??

Andy said...

Hahahaha... Yes, I follow you on twitter and it cracked me up completely!!

So, the updated rules would be...
Don't drink and drive.
Don't drink and call.
Don't drink and SMS.
Don't drink and blog.
Don't drink and twitter.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I think drunk twitter-ing is hilarious and will probably become just as mainstream as drunk dialing and texting very soon!

Mandy said...

The drunk twittering was making me laugh yesterday. I have fallen prone to drunk blogging/twittering as well.

That Potbelly's dream bar looks amazing, I have never heard of them, but oh my god, I really must find one!!

Andy said...

I read that you wanted the ecosexual guide article. Unluckily, I've only found it in Spanish. If you don't mind waiting 2 or 3 days, just send me your email and I'll gladly translate it for you.

My email is