Wednesday, January 28, 2009

“You have to keep the fights clean and the sex dirty."

what i'm doing: watching the new video for kelly clarkson's "my life would suck without you" and writing this.....okay fine AND i'm looking at the borders pre order of twilight and craving it desperately! jeez, drag it out of me why dont you...

what i should be doing: studying 3 chapters of psych and doing a history essay. returning emails.

seriously, i am stressed the fuck out.

i have been a slacker all my life and let me tell you, it was a good life. do some work, get by on some charm, luck, and sheer smarts. easy grades that were a mix of a's and c's (which depend on if i actually went to class or just showed up for tests.)

this semester i picked 5 classes and want to get straight a's. so this means actually going to class, reading when i'm supposed to, and turning things in on time. who knew there was all this work?? i mean, i finally understand why my roommate gives me dirty looks when i come home with a good grade and no effort. i'm an ass.

so honestly, the work doesn't actually bother me because the classes i'm taking are pretty awesome and super interesting. what's driving me crazy is going to bed early. i actually like to be in bed by 11 now. wtf?? last semester i would leave my house at 11 to go play some nba live at mayans and now im like gramma tiffany or something. also i miss the quality phone time with my bff!!

highly disappointing.

okay also. i am sad some people not know what a potbelly's dream bar is. for the love of god send me your address and i will mail you one of these little pieces of dessert heaven. its a mixture of awesome and delicious. i don't even know what's in it besides it's a mouth orgasm.

.....that sounds so dirty!

so i have been working a ton and doing school and i haven't even gone to pick up my burberry brit! thanks to everyone who helped me decide! mayan has a hot friend coming so it doesn't hurt to smell irresistible.

okay this is dumb but what is the proper way to blog comment? if someone comments on here, do i reply back here or on their blog? i get kind of confused, so help me out so i'm not an asshole blogger. thanks!

ahhhh 10:49!!! i need to do my summary!!

i cant decide if i should just sleep now and wake up early or stay up late. ugh!

Whenever I see your smiling face
I have to smile myself
Because I love you


The Ex said...

What a cute puppy!! Aww, that little face just gets me.

As far as blog comments go - I never reply (well, hardly ever ON my blog). I usually visit their blog, comment if I have something to say, not if I don't.

I don't really know if there IS etiquette. If there is, I'm probably not following it (and also not really caring).

Shannon said...

Uhm, you should totally send me a potbelly's dream bar :) and that doggy? So precious.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Haha, working hard sucks right?! Last semester I skated on by, no problem..and this semester is a totally different story.

Oh, and I'm with you on the going to sleep early front. I used to be a crazy night owl, but now I'm passing out around 11

Mandy said...

Yeah, I think you should send out potbelly dream bars to those of us who have never experienced the yummy goodness.

I usually reply to people in the comments section on the blog but I have been an incredible slacker lately, I was just thinking last night I need to be a whole lot better. I have some bloggers that directly email me or comment back on my blog.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Your comment on my feeling eh post just made me smile!! hoooooray happiness! You're a sweetie. Adore you<3

Andy said...

After seeing that dog, I think the answer is obvious. GO.TO.BED.

Massimiliano Mauriello said...

Hi dear Tiffany,

the classes are interesting yet are taking your committment....

But you're lucky....actually, you're right, that puppy is so cute ! :)

Warmest regards


Jessica Shaw said...

I've seriously never heard of the Potbelly Dream Bar. Perhaps it's because I'm in Kansas?? LOL Hiding under a rock I suppose! I love your blog by the way!!!! Oooh and I saw you're listening to Lady Gaga...I have to say I love the song Poker Face. It gets stuck in my head all day long!!! Check out my blog when you get a chance too! Thanks!

Katelin said...

i have been debating pre-ordering twilight too, but i haven't brought myself to do it just yet, haha. and good luck with classes, woo!