Sunday, February 1, 2009

oh how i rue the days of february...and hate to spell it....

the weekend in numbers
  • two 5 hour naps
  • $63...the amount for a mani/pedi my friend ended up surprising me with
  • $50...what i made babysitting for my prof
  • 2 stores (target and walmart) that jenn and i went to tonight
  • $40...the amount i spent including dinner
  • $36...for a new baggallini bag that jenn bought and i wanted too
  • 5...the number of pets currently in the house
  • 3...the number of dogs
  • 1...the # of old friends i saw
  • 1...also the # of ex bf's who i heard about and who asked about me

this weekend i was feeling a bit down but a pep talk with my friend lior helped me get over the fact while my last 2 exes might have their skanky gf's, in 5 years i'll *hopefully* have my degree (or 2!) and a career and they'll be in the same place. so right now the only thing i might be cuddling is the idea of my degree and bella, in the long run, slow and steady wins the race?


Classy in Philadelphia said...

Ohh, I love posts in numbers! They are the best. Umm, I totally napped way too much this weekend. I won't even tell you the amount of hours.

Mandy said...

Naps, mani/pedi, Target, and dogs? Sounds like a fun weekend. And you are absolutely right -- slow and steady wins!

Katelin said...

aw i love the pups and mani/pedis? seriously that sounds like a lovely weekend :)

Bayjb said...

Two five hour naps? You are my hero. I couldn't do that and sleep at night if I tried.

Andy said...

Okay, that mani/pedi idea made me jealous. Really jealous.