Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Could've loved you all my life if you hadn't left me waiting in the cold.

okay so chicago is freezing which is nothing new but seriously what is the point of scaring me with blizzards everyday and not coming through? i get all prepared with my hat and gloves (the mitten ones you can open up to gloves, sooo good right?) and getting up all early and then nothing. after like 3 days of scares, i am actually disappointed! jerry seinfeld was right: "if it's the 7 day forecast, only give the weather forecast every 7 days.'"

i am excited for my classes because they are all interesting and topics i want to know more on but seriously my history prof can just chill the f out. her first criteria is: strive for perfection. um hello "nobody's perfect, i gotta work, again and again til i get it right". yeah hannah montana and what! i am taking a fun sociology class on marriage, intimacy, and family and it seems awesome. and i quote my teacher "anytime i can bring sex into the class, i will". if this isnt my class i dont know what is (actually the philosophy of sex class is soo mine but yaknowhwhadamean jellybean)

anyways, onto the more awesome point of needing some help!! so i know some super fabulous people read this and i need all your help, male and female please.

my grandma just randomly gave me a marshall fields macy's gift card and it is burning a hole in my pocket as some people i.e. my dad, like to say. the last one i spent on makeup but this one is definitely all for perfume.

right now i use Armani Code which is definitely yummy and i get a lot of compliments on.
i am debating between
burberry brit which is the best scent and seriously ever guy is like in love with. i actually smelled it on a girl and was like what the f are you wearing and where do i get it.


chancel chance. i had this one before and it was a scent that i received as a gift and really ended up liking. i was actually using it as my everyday perfume.

so what do you guys think? do you have a fav perfume to wear or that drives you crazy? should i get the burberry? the chanel? something new?

these are some of my fav mens cologne. vs2 for men by victorias secret. versace blue. armani. and tommy hilifiger's "tommy" because you know your high school bf wore that and it smelled so good and sometimes a marine sent you letters and soaked the letter in that cologne so it still smells to this day (looking at you bianca!!!) so many guys under estimate a good scent but it drives a girl wild. i can't remember my fav cologne that tal wore, ohmygod i just found it. i knew it began with a z!!! Zegna Intenso by Ermenegildo Zegna.

it is seriously the reason i ended up with tal. first because he was sitting on my sofa and we were talking, both acting kinda shy and i smelled him and ohmygod so good i leaned in and lightly bit his neck. he basically pounced on me and we had a night of no sleep and the best sex of my life. the next day after we said goodbye and he was on his way back to california we realized he left it and obvs he would have to see me the next time, to "pick it up" and the rest is history.

But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain And it's 2am and I'm cursing your name You're so in love that you act insane And that's the way I loved you Breakin' down and coming undone It's a roller coaster kinda rush And I never knew I could feel that much And that's the way I loved you


Mandy said...

Burberry brit! I have it and love it.

Deutlich said...

I say stick with Armani Code! haha

Bridget Marie said...

I would definitely go for the Burberry Brit...I have it and love it.
I bought a big bottle (came with lotion and wash) at Dillards the day after Christmas for $60...SOLD!

bianca said...

haha omg those letters still REAK!!!

Krystal said...

hi! so my favorite perfumes ever are Lolita Lempicka and Nina Ricci...lolita is good for winter and nina ricci is fabulous and great for summer...let us know what you decide!

Andy said...

I say... Smell Paco Rabanne's Black XS for woman. t's the yummiest thing ever, I SWEAR!

rachel said...

go with the burberry, it's my absolute FAVORITE. i rotate that and clinique happy to be which is cheap but smells yummy. :)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I know I'm a little late, but I love Burberry Brit!

Anonymous said...

i luv Armani code but u can also try Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb or Stella in two (Peony) by stella maccartney both are i think are absolutely divine