Tuesday, January 13, 2009

there's no rhyme and there's no reason

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okay so i am tying in one of the computer labs in my school and i am SO glad I remembered my headphones. people here are kinda of weird so now i get to go on twitter and check my google reader, and listen to ben lee playlist's.

oh. you didn't know i finally figured out how much i love google reader? cause i did. much thanks to my lovely roomie who showed me and also wrote a guide about rss feed here. actually thanks to her guides i know a ton more about ipone apps, social network sites, and even more about blogging! ha i typed that as logging first and that made me think of the sean the logger from the real world who married rachel and yeah...never mind!

I was wikipidia'ing the other day about Psych and they say "Shawn's seemingly random stream of consciousness often betrays the far-reaching logical connections that his observational skills allow him to make." that is soo me. well maybe not about the whole observational skills but i have a random stream of conscious that makes sense to m but if i explain how i got there it takes to long. sometimes i backtrack and explain but people usually shake their head and laugh. ahh well it always makes conversations enjoyable.

okay so also i am trying to eat better. seriously i am hungry all the time, i don't know whats going on!!! it's crazy! so i decided instead of stuffing my face with a ton of carbs and ice cream i am going to try to stuff it with better stuff. also this morning i got up and make eggs and toast and had a nice breakfast with jenn while she ate her waffles. a good breakfast is the most important meal of the day but i should stop sounding like a mom, as i have been told i do lol so anyways here's what i've been doing.

-i am in love with Jello 100 calorie chocolate pudding!! its delicious and cold and guilt free!!
-also trying to have more salads with dressing of oil and vinegar and salt which is yummy.
-Zone bars are good to bring to school so I avoid the vending machines.
-more chicken breasts. tonight im making garlic chicken with green peppers and onions and on the side salad and either rice or cous cous.
-apples and peanut butter. soo delish and good for you!
-yoplait vanilla yogurt.

what are you eating that is good tasting and goof for you? let me know!! i always want to try new things! especially since being a nanny consists of a lot of mac and cheese and chicken tenders which the kids want everyday!!

so. this is embarrassing but i am totally going to share. i am in the process of room cleaning and found a receipt of tals when he bought some sunglasses this summer right before he left. it has the date on it obviously and so instead of tossing it, i totally put it in my special things box. i have this beautiful box elads mom made me and i keep important/sentimental things there. so in went the receipt. i mean, who saves a receipt? this girl.

i saved it because it has the date of the last great day we had together which i didnt remember . lame and i know one day ill be totally ready to throw it out but i threw most of the other stuff away so...i dont know. i know i want a few things to keep because it makes me smile. i regret not having some of the things from my high school boyfriend. i had a ton of cute things and now that i can look back with only fondness and not 'mark his face out in black marker' bitterness.

so. i really want to know, if only for the sake of knowing i am not alone, what is the most embarrassing/sentimental thing you've saved from a relationship?


Mandy said...

Google reader is awesome! I'm glad that you are using it now, makes things so much easier. I have been trying to eat healthier too. I cut out red meat (swapped out ground beef for ground turkey), I eat lots of fruit and veggies and the results are starting to pay off. Drink lots of water!! I have been meaning to get the 100 calorie pudding, will def have to check that out.

I'm sentimental as well and have everything from movie stubs and concert tickets to a sweatshirt that I *can't* bring myself to throw away. You're not alone.

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

I have the starburst wrapper that was the reason for my first kiss - back when I was 14. I can't bring myself to toss it.

Andy said...

Google reader is the best invention EVER.

Oh, and what have I kept? A rose he sell to me when we were not even dating and there was a fair at school. I'm also kind of pathetic, am I not?

rachel elizabeth said...

the day i broke up with steve and moved out of our house we went grocery shopping. i still have the receipt in my wallet to remind me how BIG of a mistake i made. if he knew, he'd probably die laughing at me.

healthy food? well, i eat chicken every day. i don't eat much (any) meat at all, but every time i have a salad, i toss a handful of chicken breast in. it ups my protein and fills me up, guilt free. hundred calorie pack ANYTHING is good, because you get a sweet fix and you stop when it's gone. i also learned (from damn near starving myself to death) that B12 is super important. taking a supplement everyday really boosts your metabolism. i swear. i have tons of tips if you ever want to email me (even if it's just to vent) feel free! i dropped 40 pounds a year and a half ago. :)

and google reader?! isnt it amazing!? looove it.

Maxie said...

I have a lot of "keepsakes" but I don't look at them anymore. In fact I don't even know where they are anymore.

Healthy food? I REALLY like lean pockets. They are delicious.

Amanda said...

I LOVE Ben Lee's "Ache for You." One of the best songs, ever!!!!!!

Katelin said...

i seriously don't know what i'd do without google reader, it makes blog reading so much easier and more fun, woo.

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

mandy-i def drink alot more water and i drink soda maybe once a month? i will try cutting more red meat out but carbs are my enemy!!

joy-thats adorable though!! i wish i had the letter my first bf freshman yr of hs wrote me...

andy-so not pathetic!

rachel- i LOVE that you kept the reciept. great tips,l i am so emailing you!!!

maxie- definitely gonna try lean pockets, thanks

amanda- me too!! i love ben lee!

katelin-it has made me a better commenter and read more peoples stuff!!