Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your body's a dream that turns violent And that's the way I like it

can someone please explain to me why, in the like -30 degree weather, people are coming to school with no hat or gloves or scarf?? seriously that is ridiculous. first of all everyone knows your body heat goes out through your head and feet (thanks mom) so you know i was rocking a hat AND a hood and my boots. i had my awesome gloves and i added a scarf to keep the wind away. even with all this i was cold and my nose was frozen. stupid girls at my school think they can be cute and somehow that will keep them away from frostbite. so stupid.

thank you soo much to everyone who commented about the perfume. looks like burberry brit is most def the winner so i need to hit up macy's tomorrow for some. since i don't actually hang out with you guys, i feel safe knowing it will be "my" scent around the people that know me. i don't like to wear the same perfume or smell like someone else if i can help it.

so i am so happy because i realized i will graduate next year! i was going over my classes and what i need and what i have and what the heck i should be taking and i realized i can graduate by next may!! i am a philosophy major and only need a few more classes in that and some other random credits. my school doesn't require a minor but i am going to take a psych minor for sure. i also am deciding between a history or sociology one. my parents told me to take fun classes and just have fun and not be stressed. i started school almost 8 years ago and it has been one crazy long journey.

first stephens college, an all girls school in missouri in the same town where my older bro was attending school. i lasted a semester before my lovely bi polar real dad (remind me to get into my family history later, its nuts) was all "im suicidal come home" and i decided against my mom and other dad, to go back to chicago to take care of him. i worked for a year and a half and ended up at northeastern and did awesome my first year. the second year was horrible thanks to getting involved with my crazy ex brian and the third year sucked too. i finally stopped going and went back to work again. after another year or so i went back for a failed night school semester and worked again for another year.

this year i am back and doing well and will graduate in a year! this is so exciting for me and especially for my parents who pay my tuition and encourage me and let me work only 15-25 hours a week job so i am not stressed out. my mom is paying my car payment and insurance, along with half my tuition. my [good] dad is paying for my books and other half of tuition as well. i am incredibly lucky to have such supportive people who basically just feel that my life is mine and they support me no matter what and want whats best for me.

i need to go watch the greys from tonight and the office! i need to go to sleep. i STILL need an oil change but i am going in the morning for that. i have a coupon for a free one at the dealership i bought it from and i am too cheap to go to the one that's actually closet to my house until i use the freebie up.

i need to be careful i dont get etsy crazy when i see cute things i want to put all over the apartment!!

okay what i really need is a warm body in my bed to cuddle. i'll settle for edward and some mildy sexy thoughts. oh! so i have officially hit the point where i am no longer "crazy horny lusting after every semi attractive male in my path" and have reached the "its been so long i forgot what sex, let alone, good sex, was". sigh, it was good while it lasted.

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Deutlich said...

I really have no answer for the lack of gloves and scarves. The idea is kind of weird.. even for me and it's in the teens here. (obviously, tons warmer...)

Bridget Marie said...

Yeah, but what about the girls, and guys, who wear flip-flops in this weather!?
It's a frosty TEN degrees in Baltimore today...too cold to get out of bed in my opinion. But here I sit, at work...

Amanda said...

Okay, I can't stress these things enough. THIGH HIGH SOCKS. They are the best thing ever invented in cold weather, I swear. Pair those with cute jeans, knee high boots and your legs will be warm FOREVER. You may start sweating in class'll look super cute and if you get naked with someone later, they'll totally appreciate the socks. I promise. Especially if you're wearing Burberry Brit perfume and cute accessories found on Etsy. True story.

Maxie said...

I'm one of those girls...but I'm not trying to be cute, I'm just lazy.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Ugh, the cold. School starts for me on Tuesday and you can bet I'll be rocking my new Lacoste earmuffs and mittens!

rachel elizabeth said...

i don't even know what cold like that feels like, i'll pass.

as for school, you KNOW i'm beyond excited for you. i'm so happy your parents are awesome and are helping you along the way. :)

Delaney the Undead said...

lol...ok in defense of the girls and boys in warm weather clothes...

I just moved here from cali a nd I own NEXT TO NOTHING on the warm scale. Being a porr single mom and college student makes it impossible for me to keep myself super duper son comes first.

So you never know when you see that one girl walking down the street without gloves..she might have a story behind her.