Monday, January 19, 2009

it's harder to be friends than lovers And you shouldn't try to mix the two...

how much do i love this bulls blog? soooooo much. why you ask? because of this blog i signed up for bulls mobile alerts and won 2 FREE TICKETS to tomorrow nights game against atlanta.

seriously, i love the bulls. i ADORE joakim noah (#13) especially but i just heart this chicago team. i took my friend mayan last time i went but had no idea until after that one of my best friends lior was also a huge fan. so tonight i got an alert where if you know the amount of rebounds noah scored on tonight's game, text the number back and every 100th text up to 600 would win a pair of level one tickets. so i did it and i was #300!! so i called lior and he switched work plans and now we're going!! go bulls!!

this weekend i spent friday having a yummy dinner and cake and wine with my dad and jenn. saturday i had to get an oil change and buy the rest of my schoolbooks. i am pretty sure i was incredibly bored saturday night as witnessed by my twitters.

sunday i used some advise from rachel and did a tan cocktail of the bed with a mystic tan. i absolutely love it because it gives me such a healthy glow and i feel amazing and not sickly winter pale. i always feel like my olive skin turns jaundice looking. ugh. i was nervous about doing mystic and wanted to exfoliate before i went but didn't have any scrub. whats a girl to do? google how to make some. some eeov, brown sugar, and lemon juice later and i had the most refreshing shower and smooth skin. i need to do this more often, cheap, effective, and makes my skin silky smooth lol

so after the tan i went to my grandmas and we had a super interesting chitchat. besides the face that she told me how my grandpa once serenaded her on a new years eve with his friends, she told me about what she considered a good marriage. she talked about having love, intimacy/sex, and friendship. she said all three were needed. she told me that sex is never planned and natural and that she was so lucky that my grandpa was gentle and kind and never made her do anything she didn't want. she said she felt bad for the "people on tv" who talked about not having sex for a month or a year or where the men turned away when they were done and didn't want to talk or cuddle. she said that even a few weeks before my grandpa died of cancer they were talking and she told him how she felt the same as when they were married and he told her he did too, that nothing had changed, they felt the same passions and love as when they first met.

i mean really, isn't the difference between friendship and a relationship the sex? i mean i am pretty sure the biggest difference between bianca's fiancee matt and myself is she sleeps with him and not me. i mean friend are all friends until you start with the sexin and hormones. whats the point to date someone you aren't sexually attracted to or the sex sucks? i was with someone for over a year and the sex was so rare and pretty much only came when i started getting ready to break up and it was, looking back, just a friendship and never was a relationship. friends do everything but have sex and relationship, in my opinion, should include the desire to want to have a lot of sex. hey maybe people don't actually do it due to personal/moral/religious/not the time yet but the desire and want should be there on both sides. the basic raw attraction is something i cannot live without in a relationship. i don't think i've ever dated someone i wasn't lusting for. i mean tal was pure lust and elad was always and still is sexy to me. my first bf, wow wow wow the chemistry.

for me, sex is a huge part of a relationship. like i said, its the factor that changes it from a friendship to a relationship. the difference between my best friends and the guys i date? the sex/attraction. i don't want to settle for 2 out of the 3. i want the sex and the romance/love and the friendship. a good friend of mine told me years ago it was what she continued the holy trinity of relationships and i think she's right. when i get married i want to know that my husband will be the guy i want to talk to at the end of the day as much as i want to flirt with in a text or email when i'm at work and missing him as much as i want to have hot sex with in a limo loli guess my point it, how important is sex in a relationship? do you think it matters? would you break up with someone if the sex was bad and everything was good? would you stay if the sex was the best but the rest wasn't so great? is the way you communicate about sex an indicator of the communication in the overall relationship?

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Andy said...

I agree. I've heard before about that "Holy trinity" of love.

And I just love the fact you were talking about it with your GRANDMA!! Mine is obviously nearly not as cool!