Saturday, January 10, 2009

To the sound of a heartbeat pounding away

okay so chicago is all snow crazy and i am not down with that. what i am all about is cleaning up my bedroom and figuring out what to do with all my books. see above to my messy dining room that needs to be clean for the sake of my roomie. the definite answer is NOT to give any away so i just need to figure out if i am going to put them in my 2nd closet or buy some bookshelves, or mix it up.

what i am also all about is mtv's made marathon which i can't stop watching!! you know dr ian from celebrity fit club? his twin brother is a made coach on a "i want to be a ladies man" episode. eww the made after that one is with some weird creepy dude who asked a girl on a first date how far she would go. while they were playing mini golf. way to be a creep. it give me the same feeling as when i watch 'to catch a predator'. ugh.

school starts monday. good times. here's my schedule.
Monday: 9am-11:50am Earth Science. fulfills my last science req.
12-12:50 Sociology of Marriage, Intimacy, Family. seems fun.
Tue/Thr: 9:25-10:40 Problems In History
11-1150 General Psych
12:15-1:30 Environmental Ethics with my fav prof
Wed/Fri:11-11:50 Earth Science
12-12:50 Sociology of Marriage, Intimacy, Family.

i wanted to take 6 classes but couldn't find anything that good so i'm kind of disappointed. these classes seem interesting and its a nicely spaced out schedule. I can work out in the am for wed and friday and then do it after school monday, tues, and thursday. [ohmygod can i please interject the best made quote ever from some highschool boy "this is my david archuleta door"] anyways i also got asked by my aunt to pick up my lil cuz after school on the days its snowy for my grandma to walk safely. it seems feasible and i would see my cousin and grandma more so thats a good thing.

speaking of my awesome grandma, i hung out with her this week grocery shopping and whatnot. she is superawesome and makes the best eggs ever. i shoveled her walk too. she did tell me how she hopes she sees my wedding before she dies. ]knock on wood] i hope she is at my wedding but i need a man first which lead too....

this is the year of me. i spent way to much of last year crying over boys who were not worth it. i worried more about my relationships with them then i did about myself and my goals. i built myself around them and put myself second and that was not good for me, obvs. i finally made some good decisions for myself, namely going back to school and getting a job i love. [i almost wrote jon which would make this a whole different post/blog lol].

i also got an amazing new roomie who is amazing. she is fun and smart and serious and talented and in many ways very different from me. living with her just shows me how to respect someone else's beliefs and personality and embrace it. she is such an awesome part of my life and so special. seriously, expect big things from this girl because she has everything she needs to succeed!!

so this year is going to be about....
-working on how i treat my relationships with people
-lose some weight to be healthy
-focus on my school and possible career options
-travel to israel and random us cities

i feel like when i am on the right path for myself, love will come. at this point even if i met my "mr right" i might not be ready for it. so i am excited for 2009. there are so many things to look forward to and enjoy (#1 bianca's wedding!!!)

And truth be told I miss you
And truth be told I'm lying


Sara said...

Hmmm, is there some kind of story behind this David Archuleta door?

Katie said...

holy... that's a lot of books! i think you should totally display them for all to see... either get a really cool bookshelf or thrift one from brick/wood. ;)

Maxie said...

Um I love that All American Rejects song! It's awesome. 2009 will be all of those things and more :-)

Mandy said...

I love all the books, thats what my room looks like too. Never build yourself around a guy, you deserve better than that!! Your 2009 will be awesome.

Melissa said...

Dude, I'm so jealous of your schedule. I'm in class, like, ALL DAY Tuesdays and Thursdays. Not. Excited.