Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i hate jack bass!!

so bianca uploaded some nye pics and here is one of my favs. if we're facebook friends the rest are on there. i wish my hair would grow out but mostly i just love this pic. bianca is adorable as always, there's our high school friend emily, and the boys are yossi babi (Ileft) and mayaan (right). yossi babi just went to south america and i am super jealous!!! anywho...

oh chuck bass. from the burlesque strippers to your moment with eric to the roof to the hug, you had me at "I'm Chuck Bass!! [pause] No one cares". i am so addicted it's ridiculous.

also. blair waldorf is my hero.

one tree hill you make me cry and laugh and i hate to love you and love to hate you.

this week i need to get my ass in gear instead of have dreams where i marry my high school bf, wtf ?

things i need to do
oil change
school library
clean room
buy some sort of bookcases
buy school books
get my computer working out of safemode
fix this blog, update links, use google reader
fix nails

well its off to lotion, dry my hair, head to the bank, school, and pick up the kids.


Mandy said...

That is a very ambitious list for the week! Mine looks something like this:

1. Get to work around the time I am supposed to be there.
2. Find two socks that match.
3. Survive.

Have a great week! And you don't use Google Reader? LifeSaver!!

Andy said...

No google reader,*gasp*
It's the best thing ever invented.

Oh, and you look lovely up there.

Maxie said...

I'd die w/o my google reader.

Or actually I'd just forget to read blogs at all. I'm so reliant on that thing.

Katelin said...

such a fun pic for new years. and yeah google reader is amazing. i am finally catching up on blogs and wo. so many, haha.

K said...

My to do list is your to do list minus the school stuff.

I love your hair!