Monday, January 5, 2009

"Some people are just born evil: the kid from "The Omen", the Children of the Corn, Chad Michael Murray" (psych)

"The difference between a lion and a lamb, some might suggest, is in the naming, not in the beast itself. Both are warm-blooded-- isn't that a fact? Both close their eyes when they settle down to sleep at night"
Alice Hoffman Here on Earth

i am re-reading that book, among a few others, right now. a definite recommendation. somehow that quote really resonates with me. people that can go either way. i have always had a hard time distinguishing between good people who do bad things and bad people who do good things, and the fine line between. the slippery slope lines of what is 'good' and what is 'bad'. of having to come to come to terms about people that i love/d that fall into the 'bad' who do 'good' category.

anyways. lack of updates due to i hate typing with gels nails. they did them a little longer then i like and typing is a bitch. also annoying: pushing buttons on the microwave, using the iphone, accidentally scratching too hard, not opening things. but they look great so when i get them filled i'll just ask them to cut them a little shorter.

shawn and gus. cappie. chuck bass. julian from one tree hill. all the men i am missing and crushing on and that will come back and fill my weeks up with yumminess. and maybe not make me have crazy embarrassing sex dreams everyday. seriously, embarrassing to admit but definitely happening. so i want the witty funny shawn and gus with some sexy cocky chuck bass with some adorable laid back cappie and confident and also sexy julian. not a lot to ask for right girls?

also who has a huge crush on a west coast boy? this girl! i <3 facebook chats.

that's the new shower curtain and towel roomie and i got. they didn't have a picture of the cute owl soap dispenser we also bought. i love target and am currently wanting the vday sprinkles and heart cookie cutters. roomie is not girly girly like me but she does love the cute and adorable so it works well. also adorable? marley and me, although roomie is souless for not crying. jk, sorta. i did cry the first time a ton but was pretty dry eyed the second. we did have a nice dinner and movie though for saturday night and friday was a greek night. bianca came over tonight with matt and i made them watch my favorite parts of Madea's Family Reunion. We played some Wii and chilled and matt fell asleep.

Currently my dining room is filled with books as I am sorting through my many boxes. I have a ton of books (pics tomorrow maybe) and need to get a bookshelf or 2 or 5 to hold them all. Before roomie I use the second bedroom to hold all the books and miscellanous stuff I have. When she came I just threw them in my second closet and it's been driving me crazy. This is the last week before school starts so I need to finish cleaning my room and possibly paint one wall (red al la Big from satc) . Actually its really calming and sexy with the red wall, a clean room, a comfy bed, and some candles. I still need to get school books and supplies and register for school parking. Also needed, new backpack/purse and to clean my car.

Oh. Can't forget this after singing it with Bianca a few nights ago in the bowling alley parking lot while it snowed.

Wanted, young man single and free
Experience in love preferred,
But will accept a young trainee
Oh I'm gonna put it in the want ads,
I need a love that's true
Gonna put it in the want ads, my man and I are through


Sara said...

Oh lord, now I have to go get that song.

bianca said...

HAHA that song is soo good! I can't believe how much of it we knew off the top of our heads. I just showed Matt and was like "SEE, it's REAL!!!" and he looked at me like I was nutty. Fabulous.