Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Look after my heart - I've left it with you.

okay, so i don't know what i was thinking with the stones but i LOVE a good manicure. i always get the gel nails and they are fabulous. they're strong, they never pop off, the white is always there, and they looks amazing for a good 3 weeks before they need a fill.

this picture is from summer but i love seeing my nails look so nice. plus a visual always makes me perk up, ya know? i try not to go picture crazy about my dog because she is ridiculously cute but not everyone wants to see that all day long. although i don't know why not because she is freaking adorable....when she's not barking at 2am waking up my roomie or destroying the garbage can. whatever lol.

back to the point. while at the mall i realized, fuck this, i am going out of town and i deserve a holiday treat and i am getting my nails done! i have been avoiding it because i pay about $40 for them and usually end up with the pedicure too, making it about $60 with tip. living on a nanny's salary (one who works about 20 hours a week) doesn't always leave $ for the extra perks. besides i want to dress up and look nice on new years and nails help. oh who am i kidding, with new years i'll definitely want a pedi. unless i wear my tall boots...hmm...shopping trip for fabulous and cheap dress at forever 21 with bianca? i think so!

i really want to get my new blog url and title up and running but i think that will be after the holidays and whatnot.

as the last 2 years, i will be doing all my holiday shopping tomorrow. its weird for me because i don't really celebrate xmas anymore but i am not really celebrating Hanukkah other then lighting the menorah. hopefully next year i can really be participating and going to synagogue and whatnot.

also, how excited am i for saturday and seeing my bff in wedding dresses?!?! VERY! she has shown me online the one she loves and it is gorgeous. i cant wait to see her in it!!!

did i mention 2 December's ago when i hit a police car parking? yeah that was a fun time. pulling out of a parking lot in the mall after shopping with my friend eliya and there the police car suddenly was. way to back into it tiffany. but i didn't get a ticket, just had to pay $700 lol sucked but they were super nice about it. so this year i will be extra extra careful. plus i am getting everyone books so its a one stop shopping experience.

okay so tomorrow its nails and shopping and airport and kansas city. family time and friday home. saturday dress shopping. need to see my moms fam when i get back too.

happy holidays everybody!!


Maxie said...

I like having my nails done too, but I haven't had it in...months. Maybe almost a year?

I may take some of my Christmas money (if I actually get any) and use it for that.

Mandy said...

I had mine done a few weeks ago. Worth every penny! Go for it! Happy Holidays Tiffany!

Andy said...

Yes! I got my toe nails done a few days ago with gel and I'm IN LOVE.

Steve Friess said...

Hi - I'm a New York Times reporter trying to reach you about your Tweet about being stuck in Chicago b/c of weather today. Please email me at SteveFriess@aol.com asap or Tweet to me at SteveNYT.

Katelin said...

i am so in need of a pedicure and manicure too, my nails are crying out to me, haha.