Sunday, December 21, 2008

you please me and you don't even have to try.

this weekend consisted of babysitting for the most adorable kids of my fav professor. playing some nba with mayan. talking with lior who i missed. not changing out of my pajamas today. friday night was the best because it included buffalo wild wings + roomie and bff + amazing drinks with pomegranate and vodka. it also included some target shenanigans and jenn updating her fb status to "facing death as her roomie tries to make it to Glenview in 20 minutes."

so yes, bianca is home and that makes me a millions time happier then a person living in freezing below zero temperatures should be. i am really happy her and roomie get along fabulously and genuinely like each other. especially enough to laugh at me when i fall asleep on the reclining sofa watching friends dvds with them.

on the other hand, i feel like such a debbie downer. i don't know if its the holidays or the weather or what but i feel pretty not great. i don't want to say depressed because its definitely more fleeting sadness filled with happy thoughts rather than a general sad/upset attitude but the sad thoughts are definitely there. i am kind of hurt that my dad has been with his bf for the last month in palm springs and hasn't called me much. the thing is though is he totally extremely deserves a vacation and to be in love and be happy.

okay, so after writing the last paragraph, i called my dad and apologized for not being enthused over the holidays and whatnot and he was awesome as always. my dad is seriously the nicest person after my mom. i am extremely lucky to have my family and i need to realize that.

one thing i am really proud about is my mom and dad have always encouraged me to think positively and it really does help get rid of a bad/sad mood. so i talked to my dad honestly and that helped a ton. i remind myself that i am so lucky to have the family and friends that i do, to love my job, really i am a very lucky girl.

i am going to make a short list of all the things i am grateful for right now.

-my parents who love me, support me, never judge me, pay for my school and car, who are friends and parents and know where the boundaries are.

-the roomie. i could list a million reason but this weekends would definitely be 80 hours of laughs and cookie throwing.

-the bestie who lets me be me. here are just some of the reasons she is my bestie,

-bella who is hands down the best cuddler/space heater/cookie crumb eater

-music like ray ray lamontagne's "you're the best thing

- rob pattinson with a beard and short hair. yumm. beards can be soo sexy, im a huge fan to be honest if done right. when a guy can grow it for a few days/week and be sexy hot and then shave it. go here for a bunch more pics with the short hair. for random hotness definitely go here.

-also i happen to love nikki reed so this is a dobule good pic for me. she is on my "if i were gay" list. her eva mendes and anna paquin. plus i just like nikkis confident but sweet attitude.

-mmmm rpattz. so if you HAVE read breaking dawn, then click here cause its so funny. if you havent and don't want the book spoiled, DON'T click.


Mandy said...

Wings and alcohol are a glorious combination, are they not? Sounds like a fun weekend. I am sorry you are feeling sad. Crank up the rockin' Christmas tunes, open a bottle of wine, dance around with the roommate and watch fun christmas movies!

Andy said...

Wait... Ho wdo you mix spicy buffalo wings with vodka??