Saturday, February 7, 2009

damn that mother chucker

Target is one of my favorite places. Ever. You can get clothes, movies, pet food, wine, holiday decorations, condoms, socks, notebooks, basically everything and anything.

Chuck Bass is one of the best characters ever. Sexy, dark, undercover sweet, loves lots of good sex, loves the awesome Blair, has the whole "i'm chuck bass" line [which btw he totally stole from the Tempations movie on vh1 "I'm david ruffian, i made ya'lls asses" which chapelle totally borrowed with the rick james skit.]

Last night I suddenly realized, Target is just like Chuck Bass. So bad and yet so good at the same time.

Target has everything you want (the awesome $1 spot, tanks tops, and house accessories). So does Chuck Bass. (sex, money, bedroom eyes).

Chuck Bass is something you should stay away from but you can't. When you fail to resist, it's even better then you imagined (oh blair i am so jealous of you). Try to resist Target. Fail.

Target never gets boring. I can wander for hours and hours and there's always something new. Chuck Bass is always doing something...or someone new. Burlesque with Blair to opium dens to secret sex parties to helping save Lily, you never know whats going to happen every Monday night.

Target is the place where all your money goes when it should be saved or spent on bills. Chuck Bass is where all the time you should be studying or cleaning or working out goes.

Seriously, while Target might not be a place Chuck Bass ever goes, I am obsessed. I am pretty sure tonight I'll be having some hot dream with Chuck Bass and I shopping at Target...too bad they don't display beds cause that would be kinda awesome. Anyways.....I leave you with the best....


Angela said...

I, too, love both Chuck Bass and Target. Lovely comparison.

Andy said...

In all truth, who would resist Chuck Bass?? Or Target??

This proves we women like bad boys. And bad stores.

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

I love you Chuck Bass.
AND Tar-zhey.

Mandy said...

This post is pure genius.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I'm seriously in love with you. What a funny/true comparison! <3

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Oh, and thank you for your sweet comment. I plan on finding myself many TV boyfriends including Chuck, Julian, Charlie AND Will from Privileged...and Jason from The Bachelor. There. I think that will keep me quite busy!