Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i need to buy a body pillow from target

my head hurts.
i have a sore throat.
i want to lie in bed watching tv wrapped in my comforter.

have i mentioned how much of a baby i am when i'm sick?

so. does everyone who blogs want people to read/comment? is that why they do it?

i write this blog for me. i am one of those people thats had an opendiary, livejournal (or 2), a few blogs, and a regular journal, and i've always done it because i love to go back and reread what i was thinking at the time, especially with some perspective. i have seen some of my favorite bloggers stop writing about themselves and emotions and just write what they think people want to read. or they all of a sudden decide their blog should make them famous and become a brand and then all the stuff i loved just seems to disappear.

i love every single person that reads my blog and appreciate every comment i get but i certainly don't write for the comments. sometimes i get none and sometimes i get a few and i am happy either way. the blogging community is amazing and i myself love the personal blogs the best. i love the small details and pics of puppies but i love when the blogger just writes. i get really excited when something good happens and sad for them when bad things happen.

sometimes the blogging community is like high school where people comment just to get comments back and have the highest number of comments and readers and its like whoa blogwhore. i know. i'm an ass. but i just get sad when some of the blogs i started with have changed and lost the reasons they became so well loved. i miss them.

its like reading twilight and loving edward and then in breaking dawn stephanie meyers decides to make a big pussy out of him and he becomes so minor. sad news bears.

okay. end rant.

also on my mind. i miss being hugged. cuddled. kissed. a warm body next to mine.
i miss getting physical. dear god not the olivia newton john song but the feel of skin of skin and falling asleep with someone and back rubs and hair brushing
(tal used to brush my hair, such an amazing feeling).
i miss knowing that when i came home or whenever i saw him i would be touched, hugged, kissed, cherished.
i miss him.


Mandy said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I write to just write, or ask bloggers opinions, or to rant, or to show cute puppy pictures of my 85lb beast. If I get comments great, but if not thats ok too.

Love your blog!

Teej said...

The last pic is one of my favorite Kurt Halsey prints. Love. Love. it. Good call. Also I was over Edward too by book 4, except when he ravaged her in bed...that was nice. :-P

ashtonlikes said...

I've been reading yours for awhile, and don't think I've ever commented, but this deserves one. Thanks for saying what I've always thought and wondered about the blog world.

The "comment" is almost like a crazy game of one-up-manship, rather than genuine feedback!

But, I suppose everything has it's purpose and place.

As for being cuddled, (can I guy talk about cuddling???) my Girl's been out of town for a month, and tonight she's back home in bed with me. We're gonna do some serious cuddling. And by cuddling, I actually mean cuddling. I've missed it...

K said...

amen sista. amen. I feel the same damn way about the blogosphere sometimes. I write for myself but sometimes dont feel as "cool" as other bloggers.

Silly me. Cue insecurities.

Anyways, I will cuddle with you.

Youre a kick ass girl and we should really really plan on going downtown for some drinkiez in the near future or a brunch?

Andy said...

To be honest, I also don't like when personnal blogs become a big circus. I love reading new blogs (always being faithful to the old ones), and if the people I read comment back on mine, it's fine. If not, too bad.

I love my blog because it's MINE. It's MY space in the internets. If other people enjoy reading it, well, they're welcome to do it.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Feel better soon!

I began my blog for me. It was a way for me to get my feelings out there about getting over my ex boyfriend. I admit that once people started reading my blog, I started feeling the pressure to keep performing and I began to love comments. I'm trying to keep doing it for me because it's my blog, but like you said it feels really good to get comments.

Ultimately, it's for me though.

♥ Tiffany ♥ said...

mandy-thanks! i love your blog too. it might be weird to say buts its very peaceful and positive and i love reading!!

teej-Thanks!! me too. the ravaging was very nice!

ashton-have fun cuddling!!!

k-we need to definitely hang out!!!

andy-agreed! your blog is amazing btw!

classy-i love your blog and you always keep it real which makes it one of my favs for sure!!!