Monday, February 16, 2009

how does chocolate always lead to bedroom talk? sigh

Please look to your left and feast your eyes on the yummy m&m cookies that were made last night. Add some singing to the Grease and Grease 2 soundtracks and you know you're a little jealous. Since Jenn thinks there is too much pink is the house and kitchen I bought some green in via the cookies. We whipped up a batch before we started watching some 300 with the yummy Gerard Butler.

Also this week I went a little Target crazy. Some bathroom towels, a new bathroom rug, 2 shelves that are also lamps, a body pillow with the most amazing soft case, new pink tshirt sheets, 2 new frames, and some wrapping paper. See what my room is turning into.this leads me to the fact that you can clearly tell i'm single right now. my last bedroom had a sexy red wall, a beige and black comforter set, scented candles, black dresser, low lighting. it smelled amazing and was so sexy to be in. no tv. [because a tv in the bedroom is not sexy. it just isnt. if you have to have one, in my opinion, make sure it can be hidden.] when i was in my old bedroom, i was always in the mood to take the ex and kiss and kiss all night. it was so relaxing and warm and sensual. i loved that bedroom. i miss that bedroom. i miss what went on in that bedroom.

i have had this bedroom for many months and it has been boring and plain and empty. a bed and a desk and a night stand. my mom just added a bookcase and so did i and now with the lamps and some shelves it feels lived it. i was struggling to figure out what the theme of my room was going to be. honestly if it was up to me it would have been dark colored furniture with another red wall and some black and white photos. this didn't happen because all of my furniture has been light colored or white. i have a girly room now. it emits a soft pink glow into the hallway. it makes me feel happy and soft and feel 16 again. this might be because i am using my comforter from high school that my mom has kept in perfect condition.

so i have this girly pink bedroom with a picture of bella next to my bed. it is not the type of bedroom i think i would feel sexy in. i feel pretty but not sensual. if i was dating someone right now i think honestly, i would try to make is more seductive. luckily though some candles and low lighting helps. i wonder if other people feel this way about their bedrooms? if they are trying to create a mood? i guess i take sex pretty serious and like to have a really fun sensual time and its hard to do that with wrong lighting or the wrong furniture. then again i wouldn't want guy like quagmire's house where its too gross and swinger like. i definitely look at a guys room when i am at his place. to see if its clean and organized or frat like or if he has taken time to make it relaxing. a nice comforter, lighting , etc.

but a good bedroom, while for me is mostly about sex, it also about relaxing. i want to be able to fall asleep easily. to be able to read quietly. to enjoy my own little sanctuary. remember when mariah carey did 'cribs' and would show everything but her bedroom? i totally respected that even though it was weird when she got in the bathtub...

it's all about the ambiance. would you rather have a dinner in a brightly lit modern place r some cozy place with low lighting? i want the romantic lady and the tramp moment thank you very much.

so what are your thoughts on bedroom ambiance? am i thinking too much about this?


Maxie said...

I think you are-- I've dated people with horrible, horrible bedrooms. Maybe it's because they were all young, but i just don't think much about it.

Melissa said...

I used to feel that way about my bedroom- and bedrooms in general- until I moved in with my boyfriend. Our room is constantly a mess, and we haven't done much decorating at all, but it's still a good place for us.

Andy said...

Well, I agree with you. THe best way to know how neat/messy a person is, is to see the place where she/he lives.

Your place is neat and pretty... Just as the owner ;)

insomniaclolita said...

I so always want a cozy bedroom with sexy lighting, big bed, big couch..a bit victorian maybe?:)