Monday, March 9, 2009

first off, my mom is awesome. 26 is the new 21?
where does she get this stuff?
seriously, she is adorable.
feel free to notice i care when twilight comes out and also when i get to meet a rabbi.
next, who wants to write some papers for me?
also enjoy my 2 tickets from Bulls games this year and a picture of bella.
i keep it real yo.

why the heck isn't there a movie based on the Archie comics? seriously they do so many remakes of remakes and now they're doing a gazillion comic books movies. they even did a josie and the pussycats which i totally loved and used to drive around with bianca singing the whole soundtrack. dont hate.
but no archie? betty and veronica? jughead? moose? reggie?
you hear me hollywood? get on on this ASAP.
also please make a movie of ender's game and don't ruin it.
i will shank you if you do.
okay i don't have a shank
i bet if i go see madea goes to jail i could learn how to make one.
does anyone want to see that movie with me? please?

we watched a video today about gay marriage called "tying the knot"
it made me cry in class and just gets me so upset at people.
how families who don't accept their gay relatives will still go after their estate if they die.
or even some families that do accept gay relationships who will turn and change their mind when money is involved.
how a judge once said that g-d made the races separate and put different colored people on different continents to keep them separate.
the story of sam being kicked out of his house which he had out money into because it wasn't in his name and who now lives in shack that his deceased partners family is trying to sue for.
it just makes me sick.
i love my family and i hope that when my dad decides to make another commitment he can do it legally. i want him to have the same rights i have.

i really hope obama changes this.
if he can life the ban on stem cell and piss off the religious conservatives,
just get rid of DOMA and do the right thing.
i think if politicians didn't worry about relection and worried about actual change, so many things would be different. if the DOMA issue had come up after Clinton's reelection I dont think it would have gone through.
for anyone that has been discriminated against, how can they do the same to others. when i see black preachers condemning it, do they care that the same people who support them now, 50 years ago thought interracial marriage was wrong? how can they side with the people who wanted to condemn them?

things don't make sense.


Katelin said...

i totally have twilight dvd coming out written in my planner if it makes you feel any better :)

Andy said...

I need one of those boards just as much as the world needs that Archie movie and tolerance.

Patrick said...

In Clinton's defense, DOMA had veto-proof majorities in both Houses. It was going to be a law regardless of what Clinton did.

And isn't that a depressing thought.

Also, it should be noted that many of the controversial actions that that Obama has done were executive orders: lifting the global gag rule, closing Gitmo, stem cell research. Obama can do this without consulting Congress.

My two cents is that DOMA is unconstitutional, but I have a pretty broad interpretation.