Saturday, March 28, 2009

hello blog, are you there? it's me, tiffany

sometimes the internet and i need some time apart.

sometimes i'm like "internet, you're too needy and i need some space"
and it's all "baby i miss you, come check out all the awesome blogs and terrible eharmony matches and perez"
and i'm all "i know honey but i need some time, i have to work to keep you in the style you're accustomed" and then we take a break for a while.

but the internet has been awfully sweet lately so i decided to kiss and make up. what can i say? when it's right, it's right.

i worked about 60 hours last week. 16 which were training and unpaid. but still i made about %700 which is good for babysitting. also considering i'm not going to be working for 2 weeks when the kids i babysit go to israel.

  • i bought some hot high heels for $12 on sale
  • bought 2 cute bras for $8 from Rampage
  • watched and loved Race to Witch Mountain
  • got my $50 gift card from Chase Bank
  • my ex went to Columbia for 9 days. wtf?
  • his stupid friend decided to shave bella. don't get me started on how mad i am.
  • my mom talked to me about possibly buying a condo.
  • went to the kohl's children museum and met my new fake bf

please notice how he works with kids and doesn't seem annoyed. how he wears the kid size apron. how adorable he is. sigh. a hot man who works with kids? sigh. perfect!

omg look at this! top model stuff at walmart. so going to buy some.

also planning on littlest pet shop for the DS. don't judge me.

target run today. make up. ds game.

work tonight.

next week i should be blogging more and talking about all my fuzzy feelings and life. oh boy.


Maxie said...

I can't even remember the last time I went to target. May the force be strong with you...

Mandy said...

I love finding stuff on sale! Have a great week Tiffany

Andy said...

I love how you took an infraganti picture of him. I do that all the time.

Jaime @ Fast Times said...

I have days like that with the internet. It's like we're breaking up constantly but it always does something sweet to win back my heart.

Amy B said...

Cute blog!

I'm going to have to find out where you buy your heels. Ha ha.

Miss Musing said...

My little sister has Littlest Pet Shop for her DS and I played it with her last weekend. It's surprisingly fun!

toxiccandy said...

Haha he IS hot and the kids thing is adorable, but Kohl's worker just screams...well I don't know what exactly.

And wheeeere do you buy your heels?!? I must know.