Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i had the best date last night.
we went to see 17 again.
perfect center seats.
no talking during the previews.

so, who's the best date ever?


i took myself to the movies for the first time and i'm a great date. after feeling completely stressed and full of anxiety i was going to do a little retail therapy at target. i pulled in and realized, hey, there's a theatre right next to me. so i used my wonderful iphone and found the time and saw 17 again was playing in 15 minutes. so i went in and bought a ticket. i wasn't going to get a drink or popcorn but after i went to the bathroom i realized, why not? so i got myself some refreshments and had perfect seats in the theatre. i laughed and relaxed and for a few hours didn't think about an unpleasant situation i am in. it definitely worked. i also really recommend 17 again. it was cute and funny and zac efron did a great job. he really acted like a 35 year old man and acted just like matthew perry.

in other news, i got 3 awesome dresses, a new top, a ton of books, and this cute sign thing at the thrift store the other day. i also got a cute philosophy box. i love the salvation army. you never know what youre going to find. i got confessions of a shopaholic, remember me, can you keep a secret, and a few others for 50 cents each. good deal if you ask me and they look brand new.

i am stressed, anxiety ridden, and feeling all sorts of angry/sad/ahh! thank god that i am taking a much much needed vacay in a few weeks to see my bestie!! perspective is the key here.

i guess i am glad i am optimist cause at times likes this it helps alot.

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same


Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Yes, being an optimist really does help when times are rough ! I like to be my own date at times, and treat myself to some popcorn too !

Glad you had a good time, smile !!

Mandy said...

Spending time with yourself is important. I am glad that you went to the movies and have fun. I saw 17 Again last friday with my younger cousins. It was a cute movie. (Hannah Montana was better!)

Andy said...

Andy needs to :
1. Take herself on a date.
2. Go shopping.

Carissa said...

that's so great that you took yourself on a date! I should probably do that-- I have never been to the movies by myself before! and there are so many movies I want to see (like 17 again) that my boyfriend doesn't really want to sit through :)

glad you are finding optimism and perspective during a hard time. that's not always easy to do, but it is worth it. sometimes, well, all the time really, you have to CHOOSE happiness.