Wednesday, April 29, 2009

out of my skin

i wish i knew where my camera charger was so i could it use it and take real pictures but for now this will do. hello, score at the thrift store!! i am in love with the brown levi's dress. so comfortable and adorable and loving the bracelet i got for 75cents. i am also LOVING the black patent pumps with the hot high heel that were $1.5o!!! half off is awesome!! the gold dress is fucking amazing, theres a little tear in the center i will just brooch up or something. beehive hair and black mascara here i come!! the skirts are amazing and everything i got was under $4.

school is almost done and i am looking into registering for some summer classes at oakton in addition to my school. am i crazy? yes yes yes and i dont care. when you have a dream, you don't let things stop you. yes i can!

so who needs to get laid? this girl. here is the problem. i have been propositioned many a time and there are chances i have turned. quite a few but i just can't. the last sex i had was so spectacular, id rather have that at the last time i was knockin the boots instead of with someone i am like eh about. i need that "i want to lick sweat off him" factor. i need the hot hot hot chemistry. plus i am so busy that i have no time and no energy. boo! hiss! no fun.

on facebook i picked the 5 people i would have me in a bar fight and obviously i was showing my need to get laid side because i picked: edward cullen, wolverine, vin diesel, and brad pitt in fight club (tyler durden). bed..whatever.

i also LOVE the people i have lunch with at school. they are the brightest smartest funnest girls and i adore them. so that always gives the days with my least fav classes something to look forward too.

i need to shower and study.

Change, change, change,
I want to get up out of my skin
tell you what
if I can shake it
I'm 'a make this
something worth dreaming of
l.e.s. artistes


Andy said...

And Andy also needs to :
1. Get to Chicago.
2. Stay with Tiff for an amazing week at least.
3. Make Tiff take her to thrift shops.

ChicagoSane said...

The thrift store find is awesome. I can never do thrift stores because there is TOO MUCH STUFF. I prefer simplicity, give me a small boutique. My brain gets goofy with too many choices.

As for getting laid, I hear your siren's call; it's shitty out there. If I was a gal, I wouldn't bother with a guy propositioning you. Remember, the peacock shows its features to bring the desiring woman to him. If a guy is pressing, he's a loser or you're not attracted enough to him.

How about getting out of your environment and maybe seeing a different selection of guys? You might be surprised at what you find out there.

Shannon said...

I LOVE thrifty finds. You did an EXCELLENT job.

Mandy said...

Such awesome finds thrifting girl! I want to go thrifting in Chicago. My friends and I used to go in Pittsburgh when we were in college, we found some unbelievable finds. Your haul is quite fun!!

Carissa said...

wow, I need to go thrift shopping, you found some amazing finds and each under $4?! yes! I'd like to scoop me up a bunch of books for cheap :)