Sunday, May 3, 2009

single girls swag

i had a lot to say but deleted it. really, it can be summed up in one sentence:
Chicago bloggers are cliquey and i am glad not to be a part of it.

i have been so busy it is insane. work work work work. school. work work. friends. etc etc.
i love being busy. i thrive on it.

i also love:
phone calls from old friends who are amazing and its like we never stopped talking. wendys french fries and window penises forever lol.

bald guys, especially Israeli ones like the new one i met and want to knock boots with.

2 weeks til my trip!!

barbarella hair

vh1 tv (always)


school is finishing up. work is going amazing. decisions are made. summer school soon and registering for the fall. i am happy and stressed and feeling good. no matter what, i know i will be okay and i love the friends i have. unless its knockin the boots guy i dont want a roommate. living alone suits me and i dont think i have the energy for someone else. i like my apt a lot and the 2nd bedroom is totally wasted as i keep the door closed all the time. i am thinking of making it an office or maybe use it as a guest room. that is so weird to me and too grown up.

a lot of other personal things are going on and if i am vague its because i want to be and dont have the energy, inclination, or reason to share it here. its a lot of stress and none at all and i am handling it the best i can.

attitude is the key and i am keeping mine happy.

i cant wait for the season finale of i love money 2. the new GG and OTH. dont get me started on the last tough love episode. oh jackyln!!!! also looking forward to seeing fighting and wolverine and even star trek.

Am I suppose to put my life on hold because you don't know how to act and you don't know where your life is going?

Am I suppose to be torn apart, broken hearted in a corner crying?

pardon me if I don't show it. I don't care if i never see you again. I'll be all right
take this final piece of advice and get yourself together, but either way baby I'm gone

I'm so over it I've been there and back, changed all my numbers and just in case your wondering i got that new I'm a single girl swag, got me with my girls and we're singing it.

na na na na na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye(repeat x2)

cut my hair 'cuz it reminded me of you. i know you like the long do, had to switch my attitude up, thinking of changing up how i ride, no more, on the passengers side, to bad you missed out on the way i drive it.


bianca said...

I just watched the season finale of tough love...I cannot believe Jacklyn!!! Arg!

Mandy said...

I have been choosing to not share some of the more personal details on the blog lately, not sure why. Just dont feel like putting some of that out there.

ChicagoSane said...

Deleting things that need to be said is a bad idea. It'll eat at you!

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Window penises forever ??
Uhmm .. let me in on this one, I have no clue what that's about but I'm very interested .. hahaha !

The new GG and OTH ??????
Really, new stuff ?? Clue me in!

Please !

Andy said...

I miss talking to you girl! I promise as soon as this hell-ish week is over, I'll dedicate a few hours to it, yes? yes.