Friday, May 8, 2009

another post of atual nonsense will follow

apparently, even though i am not a well read blog, a bunch of people thought i meant ALL Chicago bloggers are jerks and were hurt by this. let me say this:


that being said, i still stick to my original opinions. there are especially 2 or 3 people i do not like in the chicago scene. they are cliquey and mean. they blog for business reasons and pretend they have a personal blog. they represent themselves completely different from who they are. they talk about their "best friends" in a way that makes me wish they wouldn't be allowed to use those words.

i fully apologize to any Chicago blogger who thinks i was talking about the whole city. there are a ton of bloggers i have never read, don't know about, etc. i only meant a few of ones i know. and not "know of" but actually know. so that is about.1%. i know many Chicago bloggers who are divine and adorable and wonderful human beings.

my big issue is blog etiquette. when you attack a person on your blog who is a member of the same groups as you, who know the same people, and who can easily be identified irl , that is a line that SHOULD NOT be crossed. when a person asks you to take a post down and you refuse until they threaten you with all the shit they know, thats ridiculous. who wants to resort to threatening people? (although it clearly did work)

what bothered me was that people seemed to accept this as somehow acceptable behavior? talking behind someone back in front of their face is cowardly. and people who read this and defended this behavior, that is ridiculous. i understand some people felt silence was the best option to stay neutral but i took it to mean while they didnt agree they also didn't disagree.

all i want is people to have a little more awareness about blogging as it is a huge part of social media and is only growing bigger. why not keep the decency and kindess and basic respect there?

the best etiquette advice i can say is not mine but taken from a blog comment:

people in your life also have every right to not want to be exposed on the blogosphere.


Jaime @ Fast Times said...

You have a point. Not everyone wants their lives spread out for all blogland and blogiverse to see.

If I'm blogging about someone in particular, I either use a fake name (read: McLoverboy or something silly like that) or I get their permission first.

The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know said...

When in a situation like this, I think cutting out the drama is best. You find out who your friends are, you realize you're better off without the others! Good luck in shaking off the bad vibes, girl!

Andy said...

Honey. It's over. Let it follow its course. You don't have to go through all this, honestly.

Krystal said...

so, i have no idea what's going on - but i think it sounds like you have a head on your shoulders and are mature enough to realize drama is, i'd say keep on the high road! i'm sure you're hurt, but in the long run you probably don't need people like that in your life and would be better off w/out them!