Thursday, May 7, 2009

blogger blacklist?

i feel like there is a blogger blacklist. and i am on it.
maybe i am the only one?
i grew to love a lot of people and their blogs.

i had an incident with a blogger who has been around longer and is quite popular. since then i would say that almost anyone who i knew before from blogging in the chicago area and some other out of state blogger have stopped talking to me. nothing via twitter. no more blog comments. basically i have been completely ignored. now, don't get me wrong. it's not about comments but its about basic decency.
what did i do to them?

did they hear my side of anything? or am i just considered some bitch now? there are Chicago events i don't feel comfortable going to. why should my fun and city be ruined because of one person skewed opinions of what happened. call me paranoid or not, but the direct lack of communication after the event leads to me to one opinion: blogger blacklist.

and i am not the only one.

what the christ here people?a good friend i adore has been completely left out of the vegas trip and isn't included in emails. she will help people via twitter and not even a thanks. are we immature or are we adults? manners are manners, whether internet or irl.

i have kept my side of the story out of the internet.""I could spend countless hours talking about what went on in that apartment"". yeah well i could spend weeks. so even though this is like a month later i am fucking pissed that i am considered some bitch or who knows what the fuck is being said.

what disappoints me is i am actual person with feelings and yes, i got hurt. it hurts me that people who i really liked and who seemed to like me completely stopped talking to me for no reason. maybe i am just a random internet person but i actually cared what happened to people, their families, jobs, etc.

it might mean nothing to anyone but when people you grow to care about do that it actually hurts whether i've met you in real life or not. im sorry i am not a popular or well known blogger but fuck that. i am a PERSON.

at this point i am thankful for all the amazing bloggers ive met and ghcat with and love and hang out with who are decent human beings who know what it feels like to be hurt or talked about and to try and do the right thing.

the high road sucks.
i feel like a turn down the truth road is in order.


Classy in Philadelphia said...

I think I may know who you are talking about and I agree with you...haha maybe we need to e-mail chat about this!

ChicagoSane said...

Wait, is this a broad you had a beef with or a dude?

Kylie said...

I'm still here! I have no clue what happened but, I am glad to call you a friend and hope to meet irl sometime! *hugs*

Rachel said...

I kind of feel like I have to speak up for all of the Chicago Bloggers....

I know that to a lot of people out of state we seem like we all are BFF and absolutely love each other. The truth is that we get together once in a while, drink it up, blog about how much we love each other for a week and then we go back to our lives. Chicago Bloggers are broken down into groups of convenience. Who lives by each other, who works together, who goes to the same events.

Erin, Renee, & I live close enough to form a suburban group.

Angie, elle_michelle, lovesfool all work together so their after work plans turn into blogging material regularly.

The list goes on. I don't take it personally if bloggers I have met IRL don't comment on my blog because I know that 1) we all have busy lives 2) we all have a bunch of blogs we already read, so adding another seems tiring 3) some of them may not like how/what I write.

It's no big deal. Don't take it personally & don't think that there is a bunch of gossip going far as I know we don't really do that as a whole blogging group (trust me I'm not bitching to Derek about things).

What matters is that you have your blogging buds. Stop worrying about having a whole city like you ;)

Andy said...

You know how I think about this.

Love the ones who love you back, and don't pout attention to the others. This is like highschool but worse.

Katelin said...

i'm switzerland.

no really, i am swiss italian, i think that should count for something :)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

This whole Chicago blogger scene seems like it's full of drama .. I'm new to blogging but this does remind me of high school .. hehe.
Anyhow, forget about the others, stay true to your blogging ways, I love reading you !

Rachel said...

Once again....let me reiterate, we Chicago bloggers are not bad. And we definitely aren't a high school....


rachel said...

whatever. i loooove you. really. like, a lot.