Thursday, May 7, 2009

"take care, now"

So last week I got a email from Shannan @ Solstice Communications and was REALLY excited! It was an invite to a Target event (Bullseye Bizarre). I was all set and ready to go. Then I realized since my Earth Science final was at the same time as my psych final, I had to take the later Psych test which was 5:40 to 6:30. Still not bad, i could make it possibly. Too bad when I got to class, the test started late and at that point I was just hoping to get my A and be done. Also, there was a little thing about this boy asking me to have dinner.

Okay so I had to run and straighten up the apt, visit the thrift store for a new scarf, 2 books, and a cute dress (addict? yes? 11.50, not too bad). So I go home, throw some laundry in and began the single girl clean. I start looking at the time and am like woah I have like 4 minutes to get ready.

I don't really wear makeup so all I use is Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer and some Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. honestly i cant live without a tinted moisturizer and eyeliner is a nice touch. threw on my cute scarf with polka dots, jeans, and the brown levis dress over em, and a pair of peep toe heels. seriously i love when i can rock the 3-4 inch heels and my date is still taller.

so i tell him im gonna be a few minutes late and of course call my friend lior to freak out about how i dont want to go and what was i thinking and blah blah. i follow cute date to the restaurant and he leans to hug me and kiss me on the cheek.

things i learned about him
  • 23
  • speaks german, romanian, english, hungarian, some spanish, italian
  • lived in germany for 2 years and italy for a year
  • used to play roulette when he was 15 (um okay?)
  • amazing eyes
  • well mannered
  • lived in america for a year
  • drinks his pop with no ice
  • makes me smile
so after we are done, since we are literally 30 seconds from my apt, i invite him over. now all the things i learned about him are great but everyone who knows me knew i was looking to get some making out or sexin. i mean, it is what it is, ya know? so we get to my apt and i again admire his height. so we go inside, have a corona and watch some tv. we talk, he goes on the balcony to smoke, we talk, finally i'm like what the christ? and go outside with him when he smokes. also love that after he smokes he chews gum. so anyways i give him my, seriously kiss me now, im adorable and willing look, and he finally does. kisser.

so we kiss and kiss and hands are roaming and were kissing and its hot. we go inside and continue. so we agree to go to my bedroom. [seriously when he sees my edward poster i kinda was embarrassed but then i was like whatever he's hot no shame] and finally we get down to the sexin. after some, yes you need to wear a condom talk, we get down to business. and then im like hey whats with the shirt on? turns out he has a freaking huge (5in x 3) although not gross birthmark on his side. i was like whateves. so we had sex twice and i would said it was....good. not tal good but good. definitely enjoyable and nice. i laughed and had fun and that is my favorite kind of sex. where it can be hot but you can laugh and have fun.

so i would say this was a solid B. above average, fun, i enjoyed myself. at least i had sex!! now ill get the sex itch, see so@24 for better explanation of no sex forever, then sex, then the concept of no sex.

so we'll see what happens with adrian, thats cute guys name, but he is
  1. a snazzy dresser
  2. european
  3. tall
  4. good kisser
  5. makes me smile
also, i really think the tattoo will be happening soon. kinda pretty much really excited.


ChicagoSane said...

Haha! But does he prefer dogs or cats?

This will require a better reply, sadly I am in the car.

I know the sex itch well, btw.

Kylie said...

Yay for good sexin'!!

He sounds cute and sweet. Hope it works out for ya! :)

Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...


...god i miss sex

Jaime @ Fast Times said...

Isn't it awesome when you find out someone you like is an incredible kisser?!

Andy said...

Hm. I need to hear more details please. Yes, that IS possible.

ChicagoSane said...

Ditto on the details. Some of us aren't getting any, you know!

Mandy said...

Having a sexy time is always important.