Sunday, May 10, 2009

bought new burberry brit, well worth it

oh. im sorry. have you met my new bf spock? i know. hes all hot and sexy and can hold his emotions. he totally doesn't mind sharing me with edward. vampires and vulcans are total bffs.yum. yummy!! nice. mm. yum.

i clearly saw star trek today and was all excited. poor bianca remembers as a kid my parents making me watch it every week so i am kinda in nerdy and knew what was up.
spock and uhara hook up? holy hot!! seriously the whole, i dont have emotions but you get to me thing? pretty much awesome. spock is my new edward. although edward is still my number one, when he goes hunting he puts spock in charge of keeping me warm and safe.

and sexed.

go see this movie.

i bought these 2 pictures today, framed, and ready for my bedroom.
$15 each down from $30, i love a bargain.

i also bought a sign that says:

happiness is a journey, not a destination.

$6 and well worth it.


ChicagoSane said...

If you bang Spock, keep an extra pair of tweezers handy. Those eyebrows must take forever and you'll be sad if he used yours for hours at a time.

Also, I think Spock would take offense at Edward hanging on your bedroom wall.

Mandy said...

Love that quote!

whattakes said...

Oh yes Spock! I decided right after that I am going to get a Westie Dog and call him Spock.

The new Cap. Kick.... Love him!

Katelin said...

man now i sort of want to see star trek, oh that hotness. all of it, mmmm. haha.

Andy said...

(I'd kick ChicagoSane on the ass for that comment.)

Hm. I'd totally do Chris Evans. Many multiple times.

And those pictures? They might not last too long on the wall when I come and visit.

Carissa said...

I saw Star Trek this past weekend and I was amazed by how hot Spock is. though, I think I am leaning more toward Capt. Kirk. he is so damn cute I almost felt guilty since I was at the movies with my bf :)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Really ? Spock is hot ?
I guess I didn't get the memo, lol.

I have to agree with ChicagoSane on this one, not sure about the eyebrows ! hehe !

P.S. You're welcome for the link, you rock !