Sunday, May 17, 2009

confessions of a jeresey girl!!!

while i'm in california having the best time of my life, the amazing rachel from confessions of a jersey girl wrote a post. so read and enjoy the fabulousness....


Really. The always wonderful Tiffany asked me on Friday if I would guest post for her while she's off gallivanting in Cali. Naturally, I jumped at the chance, how could I not? She's awesome. So I started to rack my brain about things to post on. Originally, I was going to do this whole old picture / funny caption thing... but all of my picture books are in storage. AWESOME. So, I'm totally flying by the seat of my pants here on this one, because I've got nothing.

Can we talk for just a second about watches? I've been single now for oh, about five minutes. I've picked a few things up while being out on the dating scene again after five (FIVE) years. It's an interesting thing, this whole "dating" we do. I'm getting off topic. Right. So, one thing I have decided in my five minutes of my newly found singleness is that I absolutely refuse to date a guy that doesn't wear a watch. Sounds silly, no? Watches say a lot about the person wearing them. You can tell if they are business men (Omega, Tag Huer... You know.), outdoorsy (Citzen. They usually have plastic bands, tide meters and the like) or even nerdy (vintage nintendo watches (i've really seen them), lots of buttons. Don't really know of any brands... I try to seer clear of these dudes.). I totally judge a guy within fifteen seconds of seeing him based on the watch he's wearing. What about if he isn't wearing a watch? Well, I don't immediately write him off or anything, he just has to try THAT MUCH harder to get my attention.

I try to keep my distance from anyone wearing a Rolex, which there happen to be a lot of in my profession. It might sound silly to some, but I find wearing a Rolex to be a little pretentious & flashy. These guys have money and they flaunt it. My thoughts? Having money doesn't make you any less of an asshole than the guy sporting the Shark watch. Granted, the guy I was seeing at work had a $5k watch and I'd never know... still an asshole. You gotta be careful.

Wearing a watch in general says a lot about a person though. It can mean you are responsible. It can mean you are successful. Not wearing a watch can mean you are a free spirit. It can also mean you just have a good internal clock. Really, a guy at the bar actually said that to me once when I drunkenly explained my watch theory. Ideally, I'd like a mixture of the two. Successful but spontaneous and free spirited when life allows for it. I honestly just feel like guys with watches tend to be more... together. This isn't true in all situations, but around here in my little south Jersey bubble... It's worked so far.

Guys: Do you wear a watch? Why? (If so, I'm currently taking applications. Submit a letter of interest in the comments section. Bonus if you can be in Vegas June 5-7!)

Girls: What about you? What things about guys do you notice right away?


Mrs. Priss said...

bahahaha, this is pretty much right on with what I do too. I don't think I'm quite as thorough as you though, lol.

The best thing about guys who wear watches is that it draws attention to their forearms, which, in my opinion, are the hottest things EVER. Is that weird?

Love you, Rach! Great post. :)

rachel said...

no, a forearm attraction is NOT weird. i forgot to throw that in there somewhere. :) Love YOU!

Matt said...

Really? watches chafe my wrist.. gives me a rash.

rashes are not sexy.

rachel said...

matt, youre losing points left and right.

@mattstratton said...

I used to be ALL ABOUT watches. I had quite a selection - Fossil were always my favorites. I had one where you could change the color of the face with the touch of a button, and I actually would adjust it to match what I was wearing.

I haven't worn a watch in about a year...well, not daily. I usually wear a watch when I'm dressing up - it's a nice accessory. But for day to day, instead of a watch, I use my BlackBerry. It's not as nice looking, but for a timepiece, it does the trick.

But when I want to look snazz-tastic, I do bust out some wrist candy.

Kali said...

I don't wear a watch and am consistently late for EVERYTHING (not so much 'free spirit' as 'unreliable'), while Octopuppy wears a silver Tommy Hilfiger. Tell me, oh watch-Guru, what does this mean?

J said...

I don't notice anything about guys anymore - old married woman :) But I didn't pay attention to watches at all. I don't wear a watch and that's because for the most part, I have a good internal clock. Or I just have my cell phone with me. I hate wearing a watch. I have never found one that actually fits me well.