Friday, May 15, 2009

all star blogging

while i get to spend the next 5 days with my best friend in the world, i realized i had blog free days. now normally i dont need a guest post cause even when i'm home i miss weeks of blogging. then i was like, no, share some of your fav bloggers and get them to post more. this way i and whoever reads this get more awesome writing from superb people. so here's the starting line up.

saturday: the brilliant and beautiful Andy from life isn't so terrible
sunday: the funny and intelligent matt from good old rock

monday: the kind, gorgeous, smart and amazing Rachel from Confessions of a Jersey Girl
tuesday: the funny, honest, beautiful mandy from just a small town girl
when K from Wannabe Reality Super Star sends me hers it will go up immediately

hope everyone has even half as good as time as i know i will be having!!!!


Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Awesome line-up ! Can't wait to read it :)

You have a good time in San Fran and enjoy the time with your BFF !

Mandy said...

I'll send you my post tomorrow. Hope you're having a great time! =)